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Novak Djokovic has revealed that Andy Murray is refusing to talk to him after the thrashing he doled out to the Scot in the Australian Open final in Melbourne.

"Apparently, Andy doesn't want to be my friend anymore", said the Serb. "He's removed me from his Myspace friend list, I've tweeted him several times but he's hasn't replied, he hasn't watered crops on my Facebook farm like he usually does, I've e-mailed him a funny picture of Nadal and Federer kissing farmyard animals but no response, not even an 'LOL'. I don't know what's going on, you'll have to ask him. "

The two have had break-ups before but this time, the two-time slam winner says, 'it's serious'.

" Andy and I would get into arguments but usually over silly trivial stuff like whose turn it is to throw darts at the Federer dartboard we made or whose turn it is to pay for the drugs we import from Argentina, but nothing like this. Come on, pick up, pick up...can you believe that? The answering machine! Like hell he's not home now. God, he's such a child."

He continued:

"I've been over to Andy's house to see if he wanted to come out and play but his mother answered the door and told me he was feeling sick. I've never known Andy to decline a game of hopscotch or marbles whether he was sick or not. Furthermore he didn't look sick when I saw him peeking out from behind the curtain of the upstairs window. Who am I supposed to hang out with now? Victor Troicki? No way, he's fucking weird."

The Serb shows me two crystal lockets that he says, 'symbolize the lost friendship'.

"That one used to belong to Andy, but I found it in an envelope in my locker after the Oz final. Look, do you see how the two halves of the little teddy bear fit together? And the words, his said 'Fwends', mine said 'Forever'. Fwends Forever......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...I'm sorry...I'd like to be alone now...I'm sorry...."
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