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Andy at the Open!

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Wow, I get the first post in the forum :D

Good luck to Andy in his match today... that is if it ever stops raining :rolleyes:
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Pffft! :p I wanted to be the first poster here! :p

Gooooo Andy! :bounce: :bounce:
Ha beat you to it Mazza :p

Ok so where are all the other Andy fans :confused: We can't be the only ones :eek: :eek:
We are NOT the ONLY Andy fans here!

Come out come out wherever you may hide, fellow Andy fans! :D
lol, go Andy! he deserves to have a forum here, it's a relief to be away from all the andy bashers.
<raises hand>

Fellow Andy Roddick fan here, and damn proud.. :bounce:

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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