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It's that time of the year again....Christmas!! I'm a summer person I must confess, I don't care for cold much but I do love Christmas. There is just something about spending those days with family. I enjoy myself every single year. :)
And I already enjoyed another Christmas tradition, our annual Christmas weekend. We went to Hamm, Germany this time. A little town near Dortmund where we visited the Christmas markets. It was a great weekend, even if we did some pretty stupid stuff like bowling. (Really Johan...I adore you but bowling??) Luckily there was a swimmingpool too so me and Frey dragged the boys into the pool. Because swimming is much cooler then bowling of course...LOL...
And finally Ruben is getting more cute every day. The kid can say my name now and he does it with ease. Pretty cool for a two year old. I love you, my boy. :)

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