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And again, being nostalgic, I recall a story that I like to tell. (People, I am really getting old :haha:)

My brother-in-law finally had his PhD and his wife was dued to give birth to their first child. So we flew from Calgary to Boston. We had the perfect plan with the plane left around midnight and would arrive at about 6am in Toronto and caught the flight to Boston at about 7am. We could sleep about 4 hours from Calgary to Toronto which should be enough for us. (We were still young :p) It's summer time and weather was perfect. Unfortunately, not many people shared our idea of an overnight flight. After we boarded the plane, we were informed the airline replaced the original plane with a smaller, older one and it could not land in Pearson airport before 6am because of noise. So, we missed our connection flight out of Toronto and as Air Canada had no more flight to Boston in the morning, we were transferred to US Airway for a flight after 10am. That's all the information we had from the flight crew. We had never been to Toronto airport before. After wandering in the terminal for awhile, we could not find US Airway counters. We tried to look for information booth, nothing, zip, nada, ..... We looked around the terminal for any side or map, nothing, zip, nada,....... So finally when the rush in the check-in counters was over, we asked a staff there and was told we had to pick up our luggages and US Airway was in another terminal. ABSOLUTELY F**KING WONDERFUL. By that time, our luggages obviously not on the carousel anymore and it took us again some effort to find that tiny little room where they kept those unclaimed luggages and took them with us to ride the shuttle bus between terminals. Mind you, there's no F**KING sign inside the terminal informing people that there was shuttle bus between the terminals just outside :eek:

Finally we found US Airway and checked in our luggages. There're nothing to do in the terminal and we were very tired and the benches inside the terminal was a step better than wooden benches. :eek: We tried to contact hubby
s brother and nobody answered the phone. (Mind you, it's long time ago and cellphone was extremely expensive and bulky) We left our changed plan on the answering machine. The only thing to watch inside the terminal was watching luggages being transported to the airplane. The crew there did not care about anything they handled. I saw numerous luggages fell from the transporting vehicles and nobody bothered. And finally to my horror, I saw them flung my luggages around. :tape:

When we arrived Boston airport and picked up our luggages, hubby's one had a gash on the side which could be cut by a very sharp cutter/blade. Nothing was stolen from it because it's a hard one and the gash was not long enough. And fortunately for us, it was raining in Boston. All the clothes inside the luggage was damped.

Hubby called his brother again as he wasn't there and again, answering machine. We started to worry a bit. Finally, after more than an hour, we finally saw him and he told us that his wife blood pressure was too high and she was in hospital now. She would have an emergency C-section later in the afternoon. He took us to his apartment, left us there and returned to the hospital. We were left to fend for ourselves :lol: That evening, we received the good news that both mother and the baby boy were OK.

The next morning, we had the first taste of American medical insurance nightmare. The whole morning, my brother-in-law had tried to contact the insurance company because the changed condition. His wife was approved for a normal birth, not an emergency C-section and he had to inform the insurance company within 24 hours, otherwise, the bills might not be covered. On top of all these, that was the day of his graduation ceremony and his wife would miss it. Hubby and I were his only family there.

The next day, the baby was released from the hospital while my sister-in-law was staying. The first time my brother-in-law tried to change the diaper at home and this was what happened

:haha: :haha: :haha:

Anyway, for the rest of our stay, we were pretty much on ourselves exploring Boston. It was a very memorable trip.

epilogue: :haha: :haha: :haha:

The baby boy is now all grown up and finishes his high school this year. He aims to study bio-chemistry and as at today, he's accepted by John Hopkins, North Western and Cornell. He is still waiting for the reply from other Universities.
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