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Reporter 1: What do you think about the managment changing in the FMTT council?
Golduck: As long as the tour is running, i couldnt care less.

Reporter 2: What do you think about London's retirement?
Golduck: It was his choice, so i cant reflect as its none of my buisness.

Reporter 3: Following that, you are world #2.
Golduck: Thank you, mister "state the obvious".

Reporter 2: What are your expectations in 2003?
Golduck: To win, obviously.

Reporter 2: Can you say more about your goals?
Golduck: I already answered that.

Reporter 2: Can you be more spesific?
Golduck: No.

Reporter 2: Do you have 1 main goal this year?
Golduck: You are getting on my nerves.

Reporter 1: How did you spend the off-season?
Golduck: Partying, drinking, & some stuff i shouldnt say as kids will probably read this.

Reporter 1: have you practised tennis?
Golduck: Hell no, its the off-season for a reason!

Reporter 1: Arent you afraid you will be out of shape?
Golduck: I didnt say i havent worked out, i said i havent played tennis.

Reporter 3: Can you rate your fitness level on a scale of 1-10?
Golduck: 73.

Reporter 1: How will you be celebrating the new year?
Golduck: Thats more like it! Ill be partying all night long, & some of the morning, too.

Reporter 3: Wouldnt you be tired for your matches in Qatar?
Golduck: Maybe. I will still kick ass though.

Reporter 2: You sound confident of yourse...
Golduck: Didnt i tell you you were getting on my nerves? You are fat! Guards, get him out *Golduck smiling while he sees reporter 2 being dragged out of the room*

Golduck: Any more questions? *Golduck smiles as he sees no questions*

The bitch of FMTT is back :D
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