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Amer's Cheering Thread!

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:banana: We have our forum :D Amer's next event is the Tulsa Challenger.

Come on Amer! :bounce:
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:banana: :woohoo:
Now start winning a tournie again would ya to celebrate:p
Next round a toughie but good luck :yeah:
yuck draw.
My understanding is that ETS is only used as a last resort and that most of the drawbacks/risks occur at the time of the surgery. I have yet to read about any long term risks and it DOES NOT destroy "a lot of the autonomic nervous system". It is microsurgery and typically only involves destroying one to two levels of the thoracic sympathetic chain.
It has been used for over a decade with excellent results and minimal acute complications. No where in my reading did I read about any longterm complications that would hurt a sportsman.
I am sure Amer was counseled properly.
From reading Amer's blog/website he was well aware of possible negative side-effects so it was a conscious decision to have the surgery.

There have been very few thorough medical studies on the subject. The surgery is notable for commercial private doctors in the US that have been actively solliciting patients. There has been a backlash against this surgery by people who suffered long-term side-effects that have started a large number of "warning/support" websites against ETS with full description of the long-term negative side-effects.

The Swedish doctor who pioneered the surgery stopped doing it and has now dedicated his career to tying to help people who suffer long-term side effects, and it has been banned in Sweden.

When thinking of possible drawbacks to a sportsman, I am considering for example the fact that the surgery destroys the sympathetic autonomic nervous system connection to the heart, which could interfere with the regulation of heart rate for excersize (sprints etc).
Actually many of the centers I know about are in academic centers with a long history of performing the surgery. I am always leary of so called "warning websites" in this regard. And the surgery when done right ;) only cuts off the
thoracic sympathetic chain number 3 and rarely also number 4. This of itself should not affect the heart rate. Since I am well aware of how the medical system in this country works; I am extremely doubtful that any surgeon would ever perform this on anyone in this present climate of " sue the bastard" here in the states let alone on a sportsman. Not sure I understand where you get your information. Anyway I am quite done on this subject :lol:
I think the surgery at the moment has an "approval" rating for certain indications by the governmental medical authorities in the US, and is generally reimbursed and covered by insurance. As long as a doctor documents a condition for which the surgery is officially indicated among his patients, he will feel legally protected since most of the blame would fall on the authorities in the event of a legal backlash.
You obviously do not live in the US nor are you part of the medical system.
Doctors get sued and lose all the time even when the case is poorly substantiated.
I forget exactly, but I believe it was Germany that is even more litigious than the US. the US is bad for some things, but not for others, so you can't lump all of Europe together ;) Sweden functions in a very different way from the US legally-speaking (and i'm sure medically-speaking), so I dunno if you can draw too many parallels. You may very well be right but it's impossible to say.

No need for a hug here; I have never been sued;) The best defense against a lawsuit is having a very strong bond/relationship with your patients; and knowing what the hell you are doing;)
Yes we should, why don't you do it :) Tough match for him :awww:
Very tough on a fast surface with the Gooch serve. And of course all of Gooch's MTF fans to cheer him on :lol:
I am pleasantly surprised actually :lol:
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