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Amer's Cheering Thread!

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:banana: We have our forum :D Amer's next event is the Tulsa Challenger.

Come on Amer! :bounce:
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:banana: :woohoo:
Now start winning a tournie again would ya to celebrate:p
:rocker2: He needs results, befitting our determination.;)
Seems he pulled out of Tulsa :(
Amer made it into the Tokyo draw! Too bad he has a hometown guy first :(
Good luck Amer.
Amer won 6-4 6-2!!!
14 aces, 70% 1st serve, 5/5 bp saved, 3/6 bp won and so on!
wow :banana: great win :D
few highlights and short interview :D Amer really needs a haircut :lol:
:eek: amer beat Sam in straight sets. Great win Amer!!! :banana: :banana:
Amer = №1 in the end of 2009 :)
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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