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I don't really see much use in capping baseball anymore. There are certain ways to bet more succesfully, none of which fit my style.. so if I'm going to play 3 games I'd rather add em together than risk a chunk

Red Sox x Bos/Cle O10.5 x Yankees

Jon Lester returns to baseball after overcoming cancer. I wouldn't say he's been an ace on the mound but not too shabby when compared to the opposition. The fact is Boston has a lot of batting power and will be playing with emotion as they try to bring their pitcher back in winning fashion. The only time I saw Westbrook pitch was vs. the yankees early this year. He pitched 1.2 inning giving up 8 hits + 8 runs. He's 1-5 this year with a 6.07 ERA. I would be shocked and delighted to see Lester pitch a shutout.. but the indians will be fighting as always.. but the sox prevail with heart

Yankees have scored 38 runs in their last 2 games :eek: Time to give Roger some run support
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