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Ok, funny thing happened yesterday about 3:00 in the afternoon, i was watching tv and about to eat an apple pie, then i started channel surfing and there it was: Amperican Pie (the original one) on TV, barely missed Jason Biggs' scene with the pie - :lol: *priceless*

Apart form that i watched my boy Andy move to the finals in Cincy :bounce:
and hoping later in the day he can defeat JCF. Although is kind of nice to see Ferrero back in a final as well.

Last night went clubbing with my friends, and had a blast got back at the house at 6:00 am - can't believe i'm actually awake. Even though i'm not much of a drinker had a bottle of Smirnoff Ice - gotta be careful 'cause it goes to your head very quickly.

So long and grab that tittle A_Rod
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