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all the best for Moya

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I surely hope Moyke will play good during this australian open. It is 5 years ago since he reached the final in this tournement as a young indian looking spanjard. Now he is much matured, more confidently, better backhand, better volleytouch etc;.. so I hope he will reach the second week and maybe the second weekend....:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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I'm totally with him untill the quarterfinals (if the seeds hold, that is. If not, I'm with him further).

Go Moya :kiss:
Oh second though - make that - I'm totally with him untill the fourth round.

But do beat Fish this time ;)
Vamos Carlos !!!!!!!!!!
bring your A game here and please no WIND

he hates it.
hey, Another cheering thread for Carlitos! great!

Carles, Jo et desig el millor de els èxits a Melbourne!
Regressa a Espanya amb el trofeu en teus mans:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Vamos Carlos :bounce:

I expect a brilliant performance from you this time.

A Marat-Carlos final would be a dream-come-true :D

Come on were are all the moya fans, he will needs us.
I surely hope Moyke will do well, give us some beautifull matches, but don't let the match slepp out of your hands when you are on the winning side moyke!!!!!
All the best for you and all the luck in the world
Carles Moyà (ESP)[5] def. Dick Norman (BEL) 7/5 6/3 6/4

well done Carlitos. Nice performance. Next time play even better!. :bounce:
But there was worrying news for Ferrero's compatriot Carlos Moya, who edged out Dick Norman 7-5 6-3 6-4 to set up a second-round meeting with Mardy Fish of the USA.

Moya admitted afterwards his participation in the tournament had been in doubt because of a right elbow strain.

"Over the last days I wasn't able to serve and when I did it was painful," Moya said.

"I didn't know if I could play five sets today because the longest practice I had was an hour and I was serving at 50 percent, not more than that."
Rebecca said:
Oh second though - make that - I'm totally with him untill the fourth round.

But do beat Fish this time ;)
Yeah, that's also my opinion :D
Just don't let fish pass by.
Moyà will be OK. I can feel it. The injury won't be as bad as seems (I hope so)

¡Hasta la Victoria siempre, Carlitos!
Let us hope everything will be OK with his ellbow (Moykes ellbow), and i think if everything is OK he will beat Fish, he will not let it happen again, he will not led fish win again and slip the match out of his hands. That is for sure. But everything depend from how his ellbow will feel during the match.
No injury please :sad:

Vamos Carlos, eat that Fish!

Indeed i have the impression the ellbow problems aren't that bad because moyke is also playing doubles. So if he has too many troubles he wouldn't inscripte himself for doubles wouldn't he???
thats true :)

good luck Carlos tonight/tomorrow (it will be early morning here)
just this time when the Fish is on the hook don't let go of him, keep reeling him in until all sign of life is estinguished.

Vamos Carlos !!!!!!!!!!!
Well I read on the other board that Carlos looked impressive during his 1st round match and there were no signs of any injury when he was serving :) He seems to be in good form.

The old fish will always have the younger fish caught in the toils of a true Master :D

Go Moyke !
as you all can see, the ellbow was a problem, no time for preparation in december and the first weeks of january aren't exactly good things for start playing good in a slam
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