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Points Won Returning First Serves %/Matches
1T.Canas, Guillermo 35/65
1T.Hewitt, Lleyton 35/65
3.Schuettler, Rainer 34/66
4.Henman, Tim 34/63
5.Agassi, Andre 34/60
6.Corretja, Alex 34/55
7.Sanchez, David 34/42
8.Coria, Guillermo 34/37
9.Chela, Juan Ignacio 33/69
10.Pavel, Andrei 33/63

Return Games Won %/matches
1.Hewitt, Lleyton 34/65
2.Agassi, Andre 33/60
3.Coria, Guillermo 32/37
4.Novak, Jiri 31/72
5.Corretja, Alex 31/55
6.Gaudio, Gaston 31/54
7.Henman, Tim 30/63
8.Grosjean, Sebastien 30/55
9.Massu, Nicolas 30/46
10.Schuettler, Rainer 29/66

I've checked these two categories the last 2 years and Alex has consistently been on these lists. Why isn't his return game more talked about? Is it because they blindly just see him as a claycourter? Or is it just our American commentators ignoring the fact that Alex isn't your typical claycourter anymore?

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Perhaps because he really doesnt have a spectacular return, he gets almost everything back & then finishes out things with rallies.

Btw, Alex was never your avarage clay-courter
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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