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The bets are on
Thursday, 23 January, 2003

If Andre Agassi wins the Australian Open, not only will his wife Steffi Graf have to play doubles with him in Paris, but coach Darren Cahill and trainer Gil Reys will have to 'pay up' too.

Agassi's wager with Graf has been well-documented since broke the story on Day Nine of Australian Open 2003 and the No.2 seed said the idea was actually dreamed up by Cahill.

"It's something Darren thought about," he said after his semi-final win. "He's been trying to get her out of retirement for a year now because he wants to see her play. She had no thoughts of coming out of retirement but she's agreed to play mixed doubles with me in Paris so that's pretty exciting."

What wasn't known until today was that Aussie Cahill is expected to shave his head and Reys will have to drink one of Agassi's special Margarita's - a cocktail made with tequila - if Agassi secures his fourth Australian Open and eighth Grand Slam.

"We always talk about things," said Agassi of his camp. "If we're in the trenches together, we're in the trenches, and we've all got to pay the price, whatever that means.

"We've been down here two weeks so everyone's got to have something on the line."

Of Steffi's promise to play the mixed in Paris, he said: "she's a team player" but he wouldn't say what son Jaden's part in the wager was. He would however confirm that he wouldn't be shaving his son's head saying: "I've shaved his head three times already so it's not going to be that."

LOL!!! :D :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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