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This week Agassi is playing in Montreal where he faces Greg Rusedski in the semifinals. Despite Rusedksi’s claims his technique has improved, his piss poor backhand often breaks down under pressure, and his volleys are disappointing given his huge lefty serve, which along with his big shanking forehand are the foundations of his 2 dimensional game.

The fact that Agassi said as much after being beaten in a final by Rusedski in 2001 should add a little to the spirit of competition in tonight’s game.

Agassi said his meeting with the Briton would be "a challenge". "I'll just have to control the part of the match which will be in my hands, which is the backcourt stuff, and hope that he doesn't serve an outstanding match."

He leads Rusedski 7-2 head to head, but admitted: "This is a great surface for his kind of game.

A few years back the Daily Excelsior reported that Agassi was skeptical about Rusedski’s chances of ever winning a major title:

"You have to beat a variety of guys to win any Slam," Agassi said. "Greg is not a real clean hitter of the ball. When you play a fast surface like grass and you play guys who are coming in you have to make the shots".

"There’s no question, he can hold serve and he’ll pose a lot of problems. There are a lot of guys he matches up well against, but to win a Slam you have to beat seven guys and there’s a heck of a chance they’re the best guys in the world."

The Excelsior reported that 'Agassi, owner of seven major titles, noted that mental toughness, which Rusedski has lacked in the past, is often what separates the Grand Slam champions from the rest.'

Agassi is still one of the world’s finest tennis players at 36 years old; still cranking against top players 10 years younger than him

Recently Agassi won his 60th career ATP title in L.A. Rusedski has far fewer, but still impressive accumulation of 15 titles.

Note: Agassi has won a major title on all surfaces: Grass, Clay, and Hard courts (including both the Australian and U.S Opens). Imagine the fitness and determination that requires. His L.A tournament win ended a 2 year run in singles without winning a title that threatened to end Agassi’s career, but which shows that Agassi still has a slim chance of one more Grand Slam at the U.S Open at the end of August.
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