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10. Juan Carlos Ferrero
9. Richard Gasquet
8. Rafael Nadal
7. Roger Federer
6. Tommy Haas
5. Andre Agassi
4. Feliciano Lopez
3. Marat Safin
2. Andy Roddick
1. James Blake

Gasquet's chin turns me off, and he has no other features to compensate.

Ferrero I have no comment on, as I only vaguely know what he looks like from a couple MTF avatars.

Nadal's off-court behavior is cute in an "awww" sort of way, but physically he is anything but good-looking. Heavy musculature does nothing for me, and his face is too flat in certain areas, e.g. the nose and cheekbones and around the mouth, and the shape of his cheeks accentuates this (but I can't articulate quite how--this is where an artist's eye would be helpful).

Federer is not hot, but he is handsome. People comment on his nose, but I think he's fortunate in that his cheekbones, forehead, and chin are also very prominent, which cause his eyes and mouth to be deepset. The eyebrows also help offset the dark eyes. It results in a very sculpted look his face, in contrast to Roddick and Nalbandian, just to name a couple, whose noses are probably not absolutely larger, but look it because relative to the rest of their face they jut out more. There's a good semi-profile shot of Federer and Nadal standing next to each other and you can just contrast the prominence/flatness of their defining features.

Haas didn't even make the top 5? Okay, there exist certain angles from which he can look bad, and there exist dreadful pictures of him--the picture of him that was used for this year's AO website, in addition to being about four years out of date, made me scratch my head as to why the best-looking player on tour is being represented by a picture that makes him look fat, pasty, and retarded, and he should just never wear hats because it makes his face look too round, and one picture has him with the most grotesquely veined arms--but I sincerely hope none of those was used for this year's voting. At any rate, in profile he has an absolutely gorgeous jawline (that, since I've seen his parents at his matches, I have determined he gets from his mother), his hair looks great at any length, he has nice broad shoulders, and his eyes are green. The lime shirt I don't like, but is his color. Whence the coloring of my signature.

The position of Agassi confuses me. It's not his age, because historically I have been drawn to older--well, let's make a distinction here. There's 'real life' and there's 'a step removed from real life', be it fiction or television or sports or what-have-you. My favorite fictional characters (even when I'm not cheering for the bad or near-bad guys) are almost exclusively exactly the people I would not get along with in real life. Similarly, the people I'm attracted to in non-real-life often have very different characteristics from what I actually want in a mate.

At any rate, for LOTR it was Boromir and Aragorn, despite the fact that they are more than twice my age, while Frodo did nothing for me and Legolas outright turned me off. In fact my tastes there agreed with my mother's, not my sister's (and there is a reason for that, but it would lead me too far astray).

So it's not the age. Sean Bean is much older. I think it's the bald. Blake also does nothing for me (although it beats dreadlocks). I've never found baldness attractive in the least; on the contrary, hair is the number one thing I look at. So Agassi and Blake are not on my list, although for some reason I can still understand Blake's presence more than Agassi's (although the latter is still in my signature of favorite players). Agassi does at least have nice eyes.

Lopez is too much a pretty boy for me. Abstracting away from that, he looks better with his hair down, because when he pulls it back it looks as though his skull narrows considerably at his temples and creates some very sharp angles on his face.

Safin has grown on me. His hair looked absolutely awful at TMC at that intermediate length, somewhat better with the bun, but short is best. Definitely number two on my list, though.

Not much to say about Roddick except that I don't understand the appeal.

Blake: see Agassi.

Conciseness...not my middle name. Never has been.
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