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Acapulco 1R: Horna beats Fognini 6-4 7-5

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:sad: for Fabio.

He really thought the last few points as it went from matchpoint to duece numerous times.
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Fabio :sad: but he has played a lot of matches lately so probably was too tired :hug:
Fabio needs a break, he played all the tournaments in South America
Fabio is still relatively unproven at this level...wins over a shitty Chela, and Montanes, don't really do a lot for me. :shrug:

Nice that Lucho got a win...he needs points desperately right now. :help:
Jonny, is the British version of Just Cause, just less annoying.

Lucho now plays his training partner Monaco in the next round.
I thought Fabio was on the brink of beating a player like Horna, and he is obviously. Winning tight sets on ATP level will come in time.

Monaco vs Lucho is hard to pick, Pico still isn't fully recovered.
Expected win for Lucho :banana:

Now Pico. I like him very much too but Lucho needs the points badly so the cheering will be for him here :)
Good stuff from Lucho for taking out a dangerous opponent. He needs to get his singles career back on track and climb up the rankings. His 2nd round match against Pico should be good.
I don't think it was an expected win, but a very enjoyable for sure :yeah:
Horna will always be a journeyman.

Certain fanboys may disagree with me. ;)
Horna is still better than Fognini so it was the logical result
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