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I had noo coffee at all yesterday :D yay me. I did have an energy drink today, but I had to go to school. It was a worthy cause.

Um nothing else to say...Ill leave yallz with some lyrics. um actually I cant really think of any. I always like to post the lyrics of a song that Im really into at the moment. otherwise I kinda second guess my choice. so um no lyrics today. Hope whoever is reading this had a good day etc. :wavey:

Edit: Just before I posted this I decided that Ill find my horscope for the day and post it.

This is one from

Your intellect receives a large dose of earthy common sense. This is just what you need to bring a sense of center to your life. Some upcoming tasks require that you learn to maintain balance.

This is from

Your salesmanship skills are an asset to you in both business and your personal life. Tact and charm combine to bring you gains. Apathy and laziness are evidence of personal discouragement, so be positive.

This time stirs your ambition and gives you the energy to accomplish much. However, you are likely to run into severe opposition from others, if you push too hard. How you handle these tests will determine whether you will use this time to your benefit. Make sure other projects are completed before going ahead with new ones. Take great pains to respect others, and you should be able to achieve your objectives. Careful--underhanded or ruthless tactics will be discovered and could destroy all you have built. Those who hold authority over you have the stronger position, so avoid confrontations with the boss as you are sure to lose. On a lighter side--you are able to invent or create a new and useful object this afternoon--copyright your product.

Just for fun a love horoscope from

September 11, 2006: With so much going on, it's a bad time to invite friends to visit. Be moderate, especially if your plans include pleasure seeking. Try to find some agreement with a lover/friend who is extremely independent. You really do look terrific! So put on your best Leo grin and hold your tail up.

(Ratings,1-5): Love/Fun = 2 Career/Money = 4 Luck/Health = 4.

The first two horoscopes had some grain of truth to the using my time wisely..gettin stuff done etc. The third is a bit off, and the love one I dont really understand at all.

My fave one though is probably this one:

A fear of commitment or a nervousness of being yourself is likely to hold you back today. These feelings of insecurity are only temporary and caused by that pesky Grand Square; the trick is to branch out into an interest that is new and exciting, which will revive your energies again.

:lol: I think if you combine this one with my keeping up with tasks ones you have my true horscope. Or at least as close as you can get :p
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