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A Happy New Year!! I hope 2009 is going to be a great year for me and for everyone outthere!!

My top priority of 2009 is a good health.. To achieve this, you need to eat healthy stuff, move a lot, and sleep well. For this "move a lot" part, I go swimming. Swimming has been my sport for almost my life long. I think it is a good exercise for your body, as it requires the entire body movement, and it is easy on your body, as it is a sport in the water. I have been swimming regularly these days.

Yesterday was Sunday. I arrived at the swimming pool, which I always go to, at around 8 PM. Nobody else was in the locker room. When I chose a locker and began to undress,, somebody entered the room. A woman. A young female employee of the pool entered the room without saying a word nor knocking.. Hello?? If she had come a minute later, I would have been naked. She left immediately. I thought I could take off my clothes then.. Then she came back with a mop and began to clean the floor! All I could do was stand still and smile.. I stood sort of on the way, so I dodged and made way for her. "thank you." she said. "your welcome." I replied. What else could I say? It didn't take too long till she left again. But, I was kind of afraid, that she would come back again,, so I decided to change my pants so quickly as possible. She never came back.

But, is it morally OK? I mean, I can't see a male employee entering a ladys' locker room without saying a word. That would be scandalous. But, a female person entering men's locker room??

Well, there are still many many things I don't understand in this world...

Take care...

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