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Made my great American meat loaf first time in my life last Friday and was a hit with little Lee.

An impromptu trip to Grand Canyon. It was late Friday afternoon and I talked with hubby that little Lee didn't have school today and our National Park pass would expired by the end of April. So we just called and booked a room for Saturday night. We took Brutus with us but he had to stay in a dog/cat kennel inside the park. We could not reach the kennel on phone before we left on Saturday morning so we just took off.

The drive is about 3 hours non-stop and we reached the park about half past noon. Dropped of Brutus in the kennel, had lunch in the cafeteria in the lodge but could not get our room until after 4pm. We walked along the South Rim but it was hazy. Since we were there last year, we saw most of the attraction already. We went back to the lodge, settled and took off for Hopi point to watch sunset.

We arrived an hour before sunset and just sat there. Sunset at Hopi Point was one of the 'to do' things in Grand Canyon but may be I was pretty spoiled by the spectacular sunset in the desert. It's not as gorgeous as the sunsets I saw when I were driving to TKD school most of the days.

The return trip to our lodge was a nightmare. As being environmental friendly, we didn't drive our car to take the bus to Hopi Point, we took the village bus. For those who are not familiar with the Park, there are 3 routes in the Park. One runs through the village in the Park where the hotels/cabins/lodges/camp site with visitor center/parking area/sightseeing point and connect with other 2 routes which run along the west rim and the east rim respectively. Both will bring visitors to places where you could only walk there but not drive there. The buses are free (as included in the park entrance fee) and so we took the village route and change to the east rim bus. After sunset, we returned to the village and waited for the village bus to get back to our lodge. It's totally dark. We were hungry and cold. No bus in sight and we had many people waiting. After a long time, we were told one of those buses from the east rim would carry passengers to the village and we were the last on board, of course, standing room only. But before the bus reached our lodge, the bus driver said that's the end for her route and we had to wait for another regular village bus. It's not that far from our lodge (just one more stop) but it was dark and we were hungry, tired and cold. :banghead: And it's only 2 more stops before the end of the regular route. :rolleyes:

Anyway, we finally returned to our lodge but by that time, the grocery store was closed and we had to eat in the cafeteria again. Food was OK and not crazily expensive (as in tourist area) but we're a bit tired of cafeteria food and not wanting to drive to the other part of the village to eat.

We were exhausted and all went to bed before 11pm. I was waken at around 4 am as the people above us started their day :rolleyes: making all those noises. I was not up to watch sunrise but once I was awaken, I could not go back to sleep. We went to the tiny little church in the village for Sunday mass and when we left, there's a family of mule deer prancing around the parking lot. This was the first time I saw mule deer up close and personal. (The deer I saw in the Rockies are different) We had breakfast in another cafeteria :rolleyes: and went to pick up Brutus. Poor baby was sooooooooo happy to see us and he went :crazy: We went to walk the only section of Rim Trail that we never walked before. My ankle was hurting again so little Lee and I took the bus back to visitor center and poor hubby had to walk with Brutus.

Last stop before we left was, of course, the souvenir shop.

It's after 5pm when we were home and I faced 4 loads of laundry. :bigcry:
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