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First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. May you have all the turkey, dressing, and whatever else your heart desires!

Second, I taught again yesterday; this time, a children's book named "And Tango Makes Three". This particular book has drawn the ire of parent groups due to its subject matter-homosexual male penguins who become the parents of an abandoned female penguin named Tango. Their concern is that their young children will become exposed to the story's content and "turn" gay. Personally, I don't think that will happen, but this story would not be appropriate for a kindergartener or a first-grader. A third or fourth-grader will understand it much better and maybe ask the appropriate questions. That's what's hoped, anyway.

The class enjoyed the book and offered some lively discussion about the content and its relevance to our world today-even sharing their own experiences with/about people who are in a similar situation. I would teach this book again-to another high-school group who was doing a study on children's books as a way to teach tolerance to our young people. I like the teacher's vision for this unit, and I wouldn't have minded at all teaching something else related to it.

Seen in Kroger's last night: A sign on the manager's podium that says "Lunch breaks are not an option!" OK....I don't know of anyone who would refuse a lunch break when they have one available to take, but thanks for the "timely" reminder. Do they have employees who "refuse" to take a lunch? If that has happened before, it was a result of ignorance rather than willful defiance. In any case, it was funny!

Heard on my phone:
Me (to my dad): Hey.
Dad: I have x-dollars, and I'm buying everything now.
Me: :confused: Where are you?
Dad: In Kroger's.
Me: OK....I was just returning your call. It's me.
Dad: Awww...hey, baby girl (his pet name for me because I'm the only daughter he has)....I thought you were my wife.
Me: :confused: So, you're cooking Thanksgiving?
Dad: You know we're going to be over our uncle's house, right?
Me: Right.
Dad: I'm making the sweet potatoes and chocolate cake to go over there.
Me: OK....maybe I'll come later, when I'm finished with mom.
Dad: OK.
*we hang up* My thought is, if Dad is Mr. Moneybags right now, perhaps I can ask for a few dollars to purchase some more printer ink for my computer. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Work matters:

Caller: Y'all working today?
Apparently, this caller assumes that we leave for breaks when the students leave. Not always.
Me: Yes, ma'am. What can I help you with?
Caller: Aww, nothing. Just wondering if you were open. Thank you. *click*
Me: :confused: OK....
When callers do that, I either assume they need to stop by to pick up or drop off something...or they want to talk to somebody about something personal (that's been happening lately, believe it or not).

Oh, and I'm still investigating the possibility of student teaching at my local high school-and revamping my wardrobe to make it look more professional. I have a few things, but I would like a few more. I'm not working Monday, so that would be a perfect time to contact the principal again at the high school and speak with the coordinator, and see what can be worked out.

Until then, I'm going to be doing a lot of homework!!! I can't believe the semester's almost over. It went so fast!!! I just hope I keep my GPA going so I can student teach and investigate grad. school.

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Thanks...:yeah: I'm celebrating it just in the house. Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Tiff- Glad you have been updating about your life in these busy days. You know how I have always enjoyed reading it;) Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving. I for one have lots to be thankful for. Stay well.
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