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For those of you who know and love Hrbaty, you'll agree with my poem. It was done in five minutes. Hrbaty is the best.

The Dominator :bounce:

Dominik Hrbaty is the "Dominator"
A class opponent at that
The past 2 years could have been greater,
His luck has really been fat

Critics have already started to doubt,
But they don't know what this fella's about
He is actually the real deal,
With sushi being his favourite meal
He also loves a bit of ice-cream
Licking it with his trademark beam:)

His double backhand packs a punch,
You can tell he's had his lunch
His service speed goes off the dial,
You might get a raquet to it once in a while
If he's down, never to worry,
He'll change his game to serve & volley

To write him off - stupidity,
He's got a yellow Fischer Pro Extreme FT!
He has really done Slovakia proud,
But right now he is under a cloud
Let's stick with him through these bad patches,
Till he wins 7 (in a row) grand slam matches!

With Daniela he'll play the Hopman
Realistically, WHO CAN STOP THEM?!?!


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I love Dominik
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