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To be home is a feeling that cannot be described, when one speaks truthfully and with passion, words are generated by the heart and soul, not the brain or the mind.

There is nothing more beautiful than the state of mind that is achieved and level of happiness shared by one and their closest friends when they have found their true love.

My true love is Italia, to wake and smell the fresh air, enjoy delicious food, share jokes and kind words with other Italians, shop as one pleases, surrounded by history and taking in the glory of it all. A place that actually has meaning.

European life is not always as prosperous, unlike American life, but holds itself to a higher quality of living and a demand for important values throughout one's lifetime (Family, Tradition, Food).

Money is plentiful, but without happiness and daily joy one cannot truly appreciate the value that can be brought to their life. I prefer to spend money on the one that I love, all of my life I have dreamed to have a traditional and respectable family ---

Beautiful Italian wife, I never want to end up like Americans that marry anyone, to me the most important trait was to be of Italian blood. It's what I need and have to have, tradition and respect. The communication and love of 2 Italians is more passionate than anything that one could imagine.

Love is what keeps the heart beating and the body moving, without it then your soul will become empty and lonesome.


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