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A picture of Rios's jacknife backhand?

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Does anybody here have a picture of Rios in the apex of executing his jump backhand?

I'd like to see what it looks like.
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At the very least, can someone describe how he hit it?

What made it different visually in comparison to, say, Safin's jacknife?

Besides the obvious left hand right hand difference of course.
Hi erik-the red,

if anyone would have the pic you are asking about, it would be JenRios over at World Tennis. She has a LOT of pics. Marcelo's thread is very often near the top of the board. addy is below.[email protected]@.eef7f13
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it's always the same - when you want one, you can't find it - but check out Ruopollo's site - he's bound to have some =
I can find loads of him from the waist up, but none with the full jump - so annoying!
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