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The last weeks have been good, very good. My thesis is almost done...I have a hard time believing this even when I type this since I spend such a large amount of time worrying about the damn thing but in ten days it will be done. With rewriting and everything else that goes along with graduating I should be getting my Master title this summer. Finally I would say....25 is a good age to start living a real adult life. LOL
Next to that I booked my holiday. I'm going to Florida in May and a part of June to see a dear friend. I'm kinda nervous about that. Me and R.C met online a couple of years ago and we just clicked. I consider her one of my best friends and we always talked about me visiting so me booking a ticket is not that suprising but still....I'm going to visit someone I never met in real life and that is always scary. I'm sure it will work out and that I'll have a blast but I can tell you in advance that I will be nervous on that plane. Very nervous.
Ok, enough with the rambling and back to the writing. I still have a lot of work I need to finish.


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