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Classes for the fall semester officially begins August 19 (for the Saturday school participants). My first class is Tuesday afternoon, the 22nd at 2:30pm.

This semester I have decided to take all of my remaining classes (four in all) and prepare to student teach in January. So far, I have all A's and one B. The professor for my summer class was benevolent enough to give me an A for the course. Of course, I have no complaints.

What that does is put me in a better position to be accepted to student teaching. What needs to happen now: I have to update my portfolio with spring 2006 stuff in it. The person coordinating the e-portfolios has not updated the site to accept spring 2006 artifacts. I emailed him about it Friday. Hope he gets to work on that soon. Meanwhile, I will work on revising my eductional philosophy, secure recommendations for my application to student teaching, taking my certification exams, and getting my immunizations updated. Joy, joy....

By November, I should know whether I'll student teach or not. My last day of work will be December 15, 2006. That much I do know...
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