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This happened sometime ago but I'm catching up with my blog ;)

I had one hell of Easter and this one will probably the most memorable one.

Lee Jr, Lee Sr and Brutus went out for a bike/hike/walk the dog at about 5pm yesterday. Lee Jr with his bike. They went to the nearby Desert Reserve area owned by the city about 1 mile from our house. They drove the car to one of the entrance. The reserve has numerous bike routes for hiking, biking and dirt biking. Lee Jr has never been there and Lee Sr had walked the dog there 2 to 3 times before. They planned a short one so each drank a big glass of orange juice and took off, no extra water or whatever. A little after 6pm, I called Lee Sr on his cellphone and told them to come home for dinner. And I started preparing. When I almost done, it's dusk outside and I worried. I called again but could not reach his cellphone. The coverage in our area is very bad. I drove to where they left the car, brought a flash night with me. After walking for about .5 mile, I knew there's nothing I could do and returned to my car. By that time, a bit after 7pm, it's almost dark and returned home. I called police and reported they were missing. I was on the phone for like 5 minutes before the dispatcher figure out exactly where they left the car and about 15 minutes before the first police cruiser arrived. My district is extremely large for city police, over 131 sq. mile. I was on the phone with the dispatcher and used my cellphone to call hubby. Finally got him and he said they were returning and before I could ask exactly where they were, the connection was dead. After 30 minutes, I finally off the phone with the dispatcher. But a few minutes later, the police on the scene asked I drove there to ask for more information.

I was there talking to the police for more than an hour and a sergeant (the supervisor) arrived with map of the area. 2 more police SUVs arrived and we tried to guess where they would be and after a while, they took off to another 2 entrances that they might exit and started from there. I decided to go home and wait. When I arrived home, I found a message on answering machine from hubby left about 20 minutes ago. He was definitely a bit stressed and the message was very brief and in a mix of English and Chinese. It took me repeating the message 5 to 6 times before I was sure where he said they were. I called the police right away. By that time, it’s completely dark outside and the moon was not up. It’s total darkness in the area. Also, 2 police helicopters arrived to help the search from air. I stayed at home until 10:30pm and decided I could not do it anymore. I drove to the police command site and talked to the supervisor there. The supervisor showed me the map of the routes there and I understood why they lost. The route they were on was a circular one in the valley between 2 hills. They could not see beyond the valley and where the city lights were. Also, the police had managed to contact hubby on his cell phone but the connection was cutoff shortly again.

Finally, the moon rose and it’s not as totally dark as it was but they were out for more than 5 hours and desert nights are pretty cold. The helicopters had to leave to refuel. There were 3 citizens living nearby, showed the police SUVs flashing lights and came out checking. They bought their dirk bikes and quads (all terrain vehicle on 4 wheels) and head toward the route the lost party were supposed to be. Finally, the 2 helicopters returned and around midnight, they were located. Unfortunately, the terrain was too rough that even the SUVs could not reach. The 2 polices had to abandon their vehicles and on foot searching them. When they reached them, they walked back to the SUVs. At the time, the dirk bikes and quad also arrived and Lee Jr had his first bike ride and his bike had its first quad ride. After the reached the SUVs, they were provided with shelter and water. Unfortunately, one of the SUV was stuck on a rock. Even the other SUV has those pulley stuff, they could not free it. After a long time, the commander finally made the decision to abandon that SUV and brought everyone back with the other SUV. At about 1:15am, I finally saw my baby.
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