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Yes, I'm afraid. I just finished the fall semester in one piece, but the only thing that stands between me and student teaching are my grades. I don't know if I fear failure or success at this point. The fact is, if I do fail one of my classes, then I'll have to repeat it after I student teach. If I pass, then it's student teaching time, and I'll have my certificate in May 2007.

The more I think about it, I fear success more than failure. What if I pull this off? What if I pass every class, perform to or even beyond expectations in my student teaching component, and then Jefferson County Public Schools calls me and offers me one of their advance-hire contracts? I don't know how I would react.

This moment is what I've worked for the last two years. It's the main reason why I accepted a job at the university four years ago. And three years ago, another university called me to interview for a job there. Although I did not get the job there, I left with a good feeling. Louisville was where I wanted to be. I spent every weekend-weather permitting-driving through the city, finding my way around. I was convinced that Louisville was where I must be.

In 2004, I began my teaching classes. Going to class was effortless and enjoyable-an otherwise bright spot in a run-of-the-mill day on the job. I was surprised and pleased at the progress I was making. The time passed so quickly, that it doesn't seem like I should be student teaching right now, but I am....

Fast forward to this year....

I passed all my teacher certification exams!! I took the English content knowledge and essay tests and passed them the first time around. The pedagogy portion, I took twice because the first time I took the test, I failed because I did not complete it.

I applied to student teaching in September. I had to wait until October, when my scores would be released, to find out the status. When I found out my scores, I emailed my advisors and the student teaching coordinator. The coordinator referred my application to the Teacher Education Committee for further review. I received my placement in early November.

This past week, I met my cooperating teacher. She and I had a good discussion about our expectations. She showed me around her classroom and the "English Nook," as I affectionately call the small hallway just behind her. And I visited her again yesterday for observation. Her class was taking CATS assessment. Not a good time, but hey...that's part of the classroom experience.

And, this week, Jefferson County Public Schools interviewed me....the "going to Louisville" motif once again. I was interested in seeing what they had to offer, but I didn't realize that the student teacher coordinator wanted me to interview with them THIS SOON!!! I don't finish until May 2007. He emailed me Wednesday and "informed" me that I will interview with JCPS the next morning. Talk about "short notice!" I hadn't finished my application (got on that pronto when I got home), and what was I going to wear?!!!
I told him I had an observation on Thursday, but he convinced me of the importance of the interview to my future-so I did it. The interview went well, and I will not hear from them until January 2007. In February 2007, they could offer me an advance-hire contract for almost $40K/yr.

And now....
I wait on my final grades!!! This is just gut-wrenching stuff right now.
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