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Hmm, the title could mislead... So I say it clearly here. This entry is not going to be about a man who I found attractive or fell in love with. I am neither a girl nor a gay. I love a woman and we have been having a wonderful relationship for the last 7 years.

OK, today's blog begins now... :)

After a good swimming, my summer routine, I went to a movie theater to watch this particular movie today. The Da Vinci Code. This movie has been playing in the theater since the middle of May, but you might ask why now. About 10 days ago, I was wandering around in a huge book store in Berne (Swiss capital) without any reason. Then, I happened to see a pile of books near the DVD section (yes, this book store sells DVDs as well. also CDs..) Those books were all movie related books as they were placed near the DVD section.. That's where I found the book The Da Vinci Code. I always wanted to see the film, but didn't have many opportunities to go there, and all of my friends either weren't interested in this film or have already seen it. I hate to go to a movie without a company. My girlfriend is not even in the country where I am right now, and I am not sure if she would be interested in seeing this movie.... I first ignored it, left the bookstore, and headed for the train station where I wanted to catch a train to Zurich, to my home. In the train station, I found out that the train would not leave during the next 20 minutes,,, and I still had this unexplainable feeling inside me,, thinking about the book I found in the store about 10 minutes before... I still got 20 minutes,,, I have time,, would it be worth?? I am not a person who reads books or novels a lot. I read news articles in the newspaper or normal articles (mostly sports related topics). During last 10 years or so, I have bought some books (fictions, non-fictions, autobiofraphies), which I wanted to read, but have finished only 2 or 3. I don't know why, but I am not really good at reading till the end... So, that is why I was feeling like that about the book, The Da Vinci Code. I am interested in reading it,, but will I read it till the end? A huge number of people in the world have read it. Some of my friends have read it. They all tell me, it is exciting and thrilling. I like that kind of story. OK, I buy it. Yes, I did go back to the store and bought it. Going back to the store, buying the book, and coming back to the trainstion... It didn't even take more than 10 minutes.

I started to read it in the train, and I felt like I could read it all day long and night long... The story is indeed thrilling, and every chapter has good stuff and surprise. Everytime I finished a chapter, I wanted to know what is going to happen next.. It was hard to stop reading... I think the author, Mr. Dan Brown, did a great job on everything which he put in his book.

The last whole week, I was away from home, Monday till Sunday. It was an orchestra rehearsal week. The orchestra members stayed in this place for the whole week and rehearsed intensively.. Since I had just one small piece to play, maybe I just had one till two hours of rehearsal everyday,,, so I had quite enough time to do other things. I read the book maybe about for 3-5 hours everyday finished it on Friday afternoon. After reading the book, I wanted even more to watch the movie... This time, I was more curious to see the story visually, which I followed till the end with being excited and thrilled, and would go even alone... My motivation was that high. I was going back home on Sunday night, and in Zurich, Mondays are called movie Monday, and the ticket costs cheaper than usual.. So, it was a great timing to go back home.

I first thought I would be able to get a good seat, as this film enters its 12th week. I went to the box office to buy a ticket only for myself, but the casher gave me some remaining seat options, which I didn't really like. Close to the screen and near the side wall... (In Switzelrand, movie tickets are also numbered.) Then, I realized many people choose to go to see a movie on Mondays,,, It is of course not only me, who thinks Monday is a good day for going to see a movie... The theater was quite full even after 12 weeks...

Despite of some differences from the original book, I liked the film... I was so glad that I first read the book and then came to see the film. Otherwise I might not have been able to follow the story, as the story went on quite fast... Frankly speaking, this quite fast developing story of the film is what many people criticize about this story, featuring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon...

There are some elements which make your time in the theater as wonderful as it gets. Of course the film itself, then popcorns, a soda, or whatever you have in your hands there, sitting next to your loved person,,,, and more, depending on each individual... But, I can say this, too.. Other people around you could bother a big time. Especially people talking or even whispering to each other during the movie is really bugging. This wasn't the case today, but there was this man sitting next to me. Not even my loved person, but this guy... I was sitting at the second seat from the right side and he was sitting at the very edge. I sort of could tell he was a bit strange guy, maybe around middle of 30's, tall, and not too thin not too fat, as he approached to me and sat next to me. He was alone, too. He almost let his butt naturally fall into the seat and then crossed his legs and later putting his feet at the top of the seat in front of him (no one was sitting there). This didn't bother me, but what bothered me was he was moving around in his seat during the movie all the time. I guess he couldn't really find the most comfortable seating way there.. So, my seat was always shaking and vibrating throughout the movie... The worse thing was his reaction.. I thought he was strange, but never expected that he would react like that... People often react physically to a shocking/surprising moment. There were a couple of scenes where viewers could get an instant shock. The guy next to me reacted so wildly that he hit me with his elbow, of course unintentionally. It was like he suddenly woke up from a nightmare. For me, his elbow was a bigger surprise than the scene.. I didn't react at all to the elbow and kept watching as if it had never happened, and so did he. He didn't do anything which could look like he was aporogizing to me and just kept watching the film. Later he also reacted to a shock-scene, but that time he didn't hit me... After the movie, he was one of the first among the people there to stand up and leave the theater, without looking at me for being sorry for what happened during the movie or so... Well, I didn't care much about the elbow,, but some people would apologize in the same scenario, I think... What bothered me more was that he was always moving around in his seat,,, and his loud breathing through his nose... People would not apologize for that because they don't realize that that was actually bothering... Anyway, I liked the movie..

I have another story regarding to some people around me. I was at a classical music concert 3 years ago. In the middle of the concert, a woman somewhere behind me started look for something in her handbag, and that made some unwelcome noise. The orchestra was playing softly then, so the noise could be heard well.. It was bothering, but it wasn't that bothering, as the noise wasn't that loud, so I could live with that.. But, a man next to me suddenly turned back and did a huge shhhhh to her. She didn't stop then immediately, so he did the same thing again.. For me his shhhh was much more bothering than the woman behind me...

This reading did good for me as well. I gained again desire to read books.:) So, I went to my book shelf to find a book I didn't finish.. The book I am reading now is the autobiography of Lance Armstrong, It's Not About the Bike, which I bought 2 years ago during Le Tour de France 2004.

I do hope you have a wonderful time at a theater or concert next time you visit there!! But, often your satisfaction depends on people or things surrounding you... So,, have fun and good luck! :p


PS. There were quite many differences in the movie from the book. The most interesting difference I found today was Silas' car. It wasn't Audi, as mentioned in the book. It was Renault!!
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