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FOR IVAN....he needs it :hug: :hug: :sobbing:

anyway i'm tired, so i won't write much. few short points about what's been happening in my life:
1. a)got free tickets for the advanta final from someone on wtaworld
which was awesome.
b) i pretended i was 16 and got a free racquet :eek: (a long story but
basically i wanted to spite this old lady :tape: :eek: )
c) amelie won so yay:banana:
d) i took lots of pics, i don't really know why i bother because
i'm totally too lazy to upload them onto my computer and my
computer is a completely disorganized mess anyway. :scared:
2. umm in the past few days i've eaten like nothing but ice cream :lick: :eek:
3. i should be studying but it's always so hard to make yourself keep
studying after a round of exams when all you want to do is veg(sp?) out
and be a bum. :(
that's it i guess, nobody said it had to be interesting in order to collect the vcash :angel:
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