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blaaaa blaaaaaa blaaaa u know what?if someone is no longer ur cos of u.they have brains of their own...2 think for themselves u know?.they don't have to do what i say.and abt the thread...i have other things to do than to write one abt u or put someone esle.the thread wasn't my idea at all ( but i guess u wouldn't belive a " stupid,blonde bitch " like me right?and can u say i tried to seduce Paul?lol...see?again , u can't realise what is real and what is a joke. i mean....if i would have talked to Olga and say :" oh Olga...u r so beautiful....i looooooooove u" u would have gone to Paul and say " Paul....Alina is trying to steal Olga from u" ? don't u see that u r not thinking straight nomore?anyway....i am trying to see what u want to do: to make everyone belive that i'm a bad person?well....u know what? i don't care. the only one i know here ( personaly) is Sandra and i will let her decide 4 herself what kind of person i am and u should too.and what...r u gealous cos' she doens't consider me stupid anymore? :lol:eek:h..or did i steal her from u too?anyway..this is what i had to say.maybe the persons who will read this will make a bad impresion abt me....but i don't really they don't know me in real life.and Paul and Olga..oh well...i think they can make an opinion abt me without u saying anything u know...i am talkin to them as well once in a while so they can decide 4 themselves how i am. but to make things easier 4 u...cos i see this TALKING ( not more) 2 ur V-friends is driving u mad and...i won't talk to any of tme ( NEVER ) and u will decide 4 ur self who really likes u amd who doesn' i bet u'll say it's to late cos i already took them from u but...i know i never did anything to hurt u because i really liked u and when i told u to stay less on the internet and stuff...was for your own good.but i saw u took that as a bad thing as well. so...." Goobbye Miruna....goodbye my EXfriend...u have been the one..u have been the one for me" ( and i am not kiddin'. i really thought i finally found a trustfull friend...but again...i guess i was wrong....i judged u too soon)
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