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So, Easter's over and I still haven't sent out anything :( Really bad, I know, and for "a change", my Easter package arrived last Thursday - it was 2 duckies, one of which Jen insisted on naming IT Lleyton :mad:

I don't understand my uncle's family - and I don't intend to. Actually, my dad's side of the family is a bit, umm, out of form, should we say. Aunt Grace isn't actually the loving kind of aunt, and my dad's brother is just...weird... After my grandpa's passing away when I was 7, they stopped paying respects to my grandparents. And then, came this "miracle" on Good Friday... My uncle knew my dad's going to pay his respect to his parents, since there's a memorial service @ the cemetry early that morning, and he decided that he wanted to go. BUT - he didn't even brought flowers or anything - AND he had the guts to question my dad about my sister's and my absence :mad: We have been going EVERY YEAR when we're back home - not only on Easter, but on some other occassions as well - and it's not like we don't want to go back, it's that we can't go back due to school commitments. And it begs the question, what about my cousin sisters WHO were there, but didn't turn up?? They have NEVER paid their respect to our grandparents all their lives!

I know it's a personal thing, but I hate it when I get questioned about these. I love my grandpa, and it's not something that I "enjoy" doing, not being able to pay respect to him during Easter and stuff...

It's just all VERY stupid...
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