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Early morning was burgling through the grated windows of one of the Stockholm's police stations. Just next to the casino. Tomas was sitting at the oil-painted, yellow corridor and looking at his nails, whether they deserve being shortened or he can wait with that painful activity yet. That cold air plaiting round the corridor must have been transported from Kiruna on occasional price.
- I knew it was not you who killed that player - the quiet sentence was echoed in the almost empty hall.
The girl from whose lips mist was falling out together with spoken words was very pretty. Long face was well-hidden in platinumblonde straight hair. She took a seat, but you could notice she was tall. She also knew how to sit to make her long, neat legs exposed. She was wearing a red top, black skirt and high-healed shoes. To mark the winter coming, she also put on herself a white, short fur and a black cap, J-Lo style. Big silver o-shaped earings were an important add-one to her image. But whichever clothes she could wear, it was unable to hide these brown eyes. Big, brown eyes. Terribly sad. This girl was never smiling. Despite all the beauty and class she had, she reminded a puppy shouted at and beaten by her beloved master. With exactly such eyes she looked at Tom when saying her phrase.
- What do you want from me? To pay your dinner, ugly bitch? - he replied.
The girl felt stoned. Nobody has ever called her ugly. Ugly bitch together, it was like a slap. But she was used to collect slaps from all kinds of wrecks.
- My name is Olga, for that matter - she said uncertainly. - For friends... Ollie. But I am not sure you want to be my friend...?
- You are f-o-k-i-n right. I've made enough friends over night. One of them took me here. Dyslectic low life scum, damn! - Tomas complained out loud.
- Yeah, but it's not my fault - said Olga and moved one chair closer to her conversation holder. - I have heard your conversation with that policeman. They were keeping me behind the wall. You were shouting.. haha...
- Stay away from me, criminal! - he shouted and moved one chair further from her.
- I'm not a criminal, I'm going out from here just like you - she couldn't help an innocent smile.
- Yeah, every criminal says so. I wonder what made them think it could have been me who killed that idiot, when I was causing the biggest fuss in this bloody city at that time.
- Hahaha, I have heard that as well! You are already famous, you know? - she grined at him.
- Shut up your hole, you horse mouth.
Olga was distracted again. Moved her arms in a sign of feeling uncomfortable. Tom should have been gone from here, but didn't have anywhere to go. He knew that Nicole was listened at the police station and that she knew about his furious attack against the furniture in the pub (= new debts) but he didn't know if she wanted to see him again. To move the attention elsewhere and cut the protracted silence, he said:
- And if you are free, why don't you go home? What did they catch you for?
She waited for the question.
- I don't have home. I want you to take me somewhere.
- You? Where? I have a wife! Okay, I have no clue for how long yet, but she still hasn't divorced me. What do you want?
- I can be your servant, just take care of me - she had this kind of begging practised to perfection. The toughest man humbles when hears this sad, quiet voice.
- Are you a professional s-l-u-t or you are what? - he asked confidentially.
She was prepared for it. She always lets them guess.
- I am not a slut. I am looking for love. Russian guys can give you flowers... but they can can also get drunk and do terrible things to you. And Russian girls have big, big hearts that need to be fulfilled with love.
- Fine. Are you a Russian girl or a Russian guy? - Tomas didn't quite catch what she's saying.
Now she was definitely astonished. But still there was something that fascinated her in that chap, so she kept on talking:
- I am Ukrainian. I was in love with a Swede, that's how I landed here. But it didn't work out and he threw me away. On the street. I was 19 years old then. He thought I was having sex with all the guys... he was obsessed. It's not true... I really loved him, you know? And I was left alone in here. Yes, I have my parents but I run away from home, I didn't want to come back like that. I met another guy...
- Fine, and now you met me. No way you get anything from me, cos everything I had was from my wife's father, you understand, empty brain??? He is an owner of a GP2 moto team. And if you think I married her for money, you materialist, you are wrong! I married her cos I love her! Yes, I love my beautiful Nicole!
- No, I am not speaking to you because of money - Olga was really convincing. - I am tired of that. I know you have nothing. I don't care. But... please, help me.
Even this wicked heart that Tomas had needed to melt down surrounded by the drama.
- Okay, come with me to the hotel - he sentenced. - Maybe Nikki doesn't want to look at me, but maybe she'll want to have you as a personal assistent or something like that.

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