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Hi guys, as you might not know and be baffled to hear, I have a lot of experience in creative writing. I miss doing it these days so I have decided to do this fictional story for you all. MODS not sure where to post, whatever you think...

16 Players have been locked inside a well secure location for 40 days and nights. At the end, a winner will be decided and receive prize money, starting at 1 Million, an amount that might be affected throughout the time.

I will post daily recaps of each days highlighted events. Mostly comedic. At the end i will allow the members to vote for the winner based on the story.

Come watch the drama unfold and comment all you want. I will post daily but also edit it into OP too
The contestants are.....

Novak Djokovic
Andy Murray
Nick Kyrgios
Stan Wawrinka
Fabio Fognini
Stef Tsitsipas
Alex Zverev
Dom Thiem
Ernests Gulbis
John Isner
Laura Robson
Marta Kostyuk
Genie Bouchard
Alize Lim
Vik Azarenka
Sabine Lisicki

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This can be interesting.

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Big Brother/Big Boss series with tennis players, basically. Carry on.

justice for all
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Was never a fan of reality shows. Big Brother being the most lame of them. I’d rather live a real life than some fairy tales.

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Setting - Huge land, big garden, big living area, big kitchen, Two bedrooms, One Male and One Female. Diary room to talk to the organiser. Location is unknown and irrelevant to all.

Day 1

Players enter the house one by one and are greeted by existing players as they arrive down the fancy steps. All wen't to plan except for poor Isner who banged his head off the roof on the way down. There was only two left to enter and the next one is Djokovic. As he appears, Kyrgios puts his palm to his face. Djokovic takes the hand of all the females and creepily kisses it. He also appears not too pleased to see Nick.

Just as it seemed nobody else was coming, A helicopter landed in the garden, in which Gulbis walked from.

They are all gathered on the sofa as the organizers address them through a sound system on the rules. A summary of the rules were....

  • No phones allowed.
  • 1 hour access each to one site each eve on the house computer. That site is a Men's Tennis Forum.
  • There will be challenges every second day to boost the food budgets.
  • Rule breaks will have money taken from prize fund.
  • Other boring basic rules.

They decide to go around the room and mention why they took part snd what they brought in as their luxury item (non clothes)

Djokovic took in a yoga matt and said he is taking part to spread the love and give positive vibes to all the others. Isner jokes saying that Novak will have his work cut out if thats his agenda here.

Murray said he agreed to be here simply to make sure Kyrgios behaves himself. His luxury item was a bumper edition of crossword puzzles.

Fognini claims he joined to get a break from the kids. He brought with him into the house some hair products.

Kyrgios said he was in the house to have some fun and find himself. He brought his headphones in with him despite the fact there is nothing to use them on.

Wawrinka said he came to the house to find love, after his recent break up. His luxury item was some swiss chocolate that he plans to use as bait.

Tsitsipas entered to simply add a valuable life experience and he brought with him a polaroid camera.

Zverev joked that he agreed to this as he is now more likely to go longer without a double fault. This brought laughter to the room. He brought a basketball in with him as his item.

Thiem said he came along to show the viewers what a nice guy he was. He brought in with him the smallest tightest pair of shorts he could find.

Gulbis said he is not here for the money as he does not need it but was here to make his family respect him. He brought with him some condoms.

Isner said he joined so that he could take his mind off of America. He took a deck of cards in as his luxury item.

The organizer thanked them all for sharing and told them to enjoy their night. This outraged Andy Murray as he stood up and asked why were the girls not asked!! Kyrgios told him to calm down as its obvious why they are here, because they heard he was coming.

After chatting for a while they all decided to go to bed as it was a long day of travelling. Djokovic did some yoga first in the living area as the others talked about him. They questioned why he was there and whether or not he would sulk if the public dont enjoy watching him. Murray brought up the disgraceful feminist behaviour of the organizers again but he realized after a few mins, they all fell asleep
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