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3R: Gasquet eliminates Blake 6:4 6:4 to battle with Murray for the spot.

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There was a bit of brainfart in the middle of the second set. But he managed to win it. :bounce: Blake is out now.
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God people on here are fast! I must say that was thoroughly entertaining, Allez Richie!
HAd 3 BPS for double break lead of *30 in the second, but broke back at the right time ;)

Allez Richie!!
Bye bye Shanghai for Blake :yeah:

Richie :woohoo:
A cramp at 2-0, oh well. At least you're through.
Entertaining match, well done Ritchie! :hatoff:
Wow, we finally have two baby balls fighting for an important match. Let's see who blinks fast.

I am indifferent as to who should get in. Gasquet has had a few good runs this year, but if he can't take advantage of a homecrowd to win the next match then ..... well, I am looking forward to it.
That was a very good match i thought,especially at the beginning of the second set (the very long game at 2-0 for Richard in the second set was full of magnificent points from both players) :)
Blake played well overall(if you except some stupid UEs) but Richard was better
I was a bit afraid for Richard in the middle of the second set,he looked a bit tired and disinterest but fortunately,he woke up.
Murray vs Gasquet will be a fascinating match
Nice tennis match, Richie managed to win the key points :)
Gasquet played very well. Beautiful tennis from both players. Blake was inconsistent.
From the start to 64 21 was some of the best tennis Richie's produced in AGES(#@%ju)(

Then, yes, stupid errors, but he played very well again in the last few games.

Second Masters QF for the year! Murray/Gasquet showdown, omfg, that is going to be so good.
Blake >>>>> out of the game, out of the elite. From here on out it's 20-30 in the ranking for Blake. He had his chance, ultimate MUG.
:woohoo: Richard. More to come. Great play early in the second set, then a bit of a lapse, but solid in the end. Not all french players are chokers, guys, will you finally grasp that? :p
This is just great- having Gasquet playing well....thing of beauty. Congrats Richie, good luck the rest of the way! :clap2:
I have the feeling he is going to beat Murray

I love your feelings. :angel:
expected win by Gasquet
I love your feelings. :angel:
Gasquet in good form would be good to watch at TMC.
Good to know that we have a big chance to see Murray or Richie at the masters now.
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