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2rd: Gasquet def. Tsonga 7:5 7:6(3) still alive for Shanghai.

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Beautiful fair play from both friends with that hug after the match :)
Good job. I missed some of the tb but overall was impressed by his game.
That was a fine match to watch indeed.

Congrats Gasquet :hatoff:, kudos Tsonga :hug: :yeah:
This was a good match, nice quality of shots. Nice climb over the net from Tsonga to congratulate Richard.

Baby Fed live to see another day, and hopefully the YEC.

Between the contender, I want to see him or Murray there.
Wonderful match. :)

Some amazing shot making- wow...when Gasquet is on, it's a thing of beauty. Best of luck to him in the next round. :yeah:
THANK GOD. Richie played terrible last week, and when he was 1-4 down in the first set I thought he had kept the same mind-frame. Fortunately Tsonga played a pretty bad game with tons of errors and Gasquet grew in confidence.

Still, even with Tsonga's errors and Richie's pathetic return game, it was a fun match to watch. There were two points in particular that were "shot of the week" worthy, one for each player.

Hope he can make the quarters. Well done! :clap2:
Gasquet will be relieved more than anything else. Good netplay and decent serving but his forehand was horrendous as usual. :eek:
Congrats to Richard. It would be neat if he made it to Shanghai by actually gutting it out at this tournament. Who is his next opponent?

Nice stuff at the net- it seems like the French players really have a good relationship with each other. I do enjoy Tsonga and hope that he becomes more stable in his game as he stays injury-free. I hope he has a good 2008.
Well done, Richard! The best part of the match were the early games of the second set, when both payed well.
allez richie is back..
Great match! Allez Richard!!!! It would be cool if he ended up winning this tournament!
Congrats Richard :D

Jo-Wilfried :yeah:
Jo's ranking at the beginning of the year : 212
After this tournament : 41 or 42. :yeah:
I don't think the quality of play was good. There were tons of errors from Tsonga. I guess that's how he plays his game. Richard didn't show any of his magic today, except for a couple of shots. I kept going back to the game against Berdych in Tokyo today. I guess we could compare Richie's performance today to that match.

I hope the next match doesn't turn out the way it did in Tokyo!!

I still love richie and hope he wins the Paris Masters and the TMC this year.
As we say here in S.A. "Gasquet you Beauty...." Thought you were great... Good luck in the next round. Just love your style ...
Gasquet wasn't at his magical best but made a few wonderful shots when he needed and most impressive was that he didn't cave in when down 4-1 in the first set. Good Luck Richard - would love to see your magic return in this tournament!
Last year all the Shanhai contenders dropped like flies in the opening rounds, this time round it appears it may well be a fight to the end. Fantastic :)
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