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OK so i am a bit bored and since i won't be here tomorrow here is my prewiev of the matches. Please write your opinion and be as objective as you can be no matter who do you prefer


Hopefully Feliciano can suprise Marat eventhough he is a clear underdog in this match. I do not see Marat winning this easy and there is always that danger of Marat let down
MY PREDICTION: Marat in two sets one tough and one relatively easy


Certainly athree setter here but i do not know which to put a winning card to. Judging to results Nico may be the favourite but do not exclude Jonas and his bag of tricks. This could be great match.
MY PREDICTION: Nico in three tough sets


On this years results it should be pretty straight forward for Modjo but i do not know hoping Wayne can suprise him but Carlos must be out of sorts if he loses this match
MY PREDICTION: Carlos in three sets (uneccesarily)


Taylor still hasn't fufill his potencial and a good win over inform Paradorn Srichaphan should give him a bust to dismiss Francisco who won't give up and just might beat him.
MY PREDICTION: Clavet in three sets


Though one to decide. My mind tells me Juan should win this pretty comfortably but Massu is a fighter but since this is a hardcourt Juan is a favourite
MY PREDICTION: Juan Ignacio in two sets


My favourite guy playing my favourite Frenchman. Golmard is coming back from a long lay-out (i stop counting how many times so far) but prefers hardcourts. Alex will make matters difficult for himself but should prevail in the end
MY PREDICION : Three sets win for Alex


Dupuis is LL replacing James Blake. Lee is a favourite and soul remaining Asian player still left in a field.
MY PREDICTION: Lee in two set possibly in three


They both had convincing wins in first round but this is not grass and Juan Carlos is much better on hardcourts although he struggled here last year. Possible suprise on the cards but that is just me talking nonesence
MY PREDICTION : Ferrero in two
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