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Just the name "CarnivalCarnage" alone makes me smile. He wasn't here for long but he made a strong impression. :)
Actaully that's not entirely true. He went under the username '2Tough4Men' for awhile, got banned again, and I suspect he's been under some other usernames recently as well.

17,533 Posts
Why have I never heard of CarnivalCarnage? :scratch:
Adam you missed out.
CarnivalCarnage was here for a few monthes in 2004, before he got banned. I dont even remember the reasoning for his banning. He was the GOAT MTF troll; these Rafatards and other trolls today dont even compare.
Here I'll post some of the sigma-CarnivalCarnage fued for you. :)

'Scuse me? I am not new on this board. If you bothered to check under my avatar, you would see that. But since you wrote before you read, I will direct your attention back to the original comment I wrote regarding threads that have already been done.

Maratski, reading is fundamental. Guess you missed that already.
Sigmagirl, terribly sorry to bring this to your attention, but he's making fun of you. Specifically, the act of telling somebody not to create a thread because it's been done before. He's saying it's all been done before, so that's stupid. The rest of his post is sarcasm.
CC, there is such a word, just to get you up to speed. It's a cross between Internet and etiquette....look that up for me. Thanks for your time.
No, I don't think so. The rest of my post was dead-on. Anyhow, what he said, I've already said. So, reading is fundamental.
Ahem. This is a tennis forum. NETiquette? DO YOU GET IT? DO YOU? IT WAS A JOKE.

By the way, "netiquette" isn't an actual word. It's a witticism as well.

I was just playing anyway. You've been really dense in this thread.
What does reading matter when you don't understand what was written?
First of all, you could not have this particular tennis forum without the Internet, so the first part of your sentence made no sense. And, yes, I get your joke, OK, so quit cramming it down my throat.
It makes PERFECT SENSE. Etiquette is a WORD. You wrote "netiquette" which is not. I made a joke about it. You didn't get it.
Here was another sigma-CC fued in a different thread.

Stigma"girl". Why are you always such a bitch? We'd actually like you to be "out of character" because we all think this one blows.
And furthermore, you have AGAIN misunderstood what was said. Lee wasn't referring to you taking shots at posters like the thread starter, but those that start frivolous, sexually based threads. He's bemoaning your INCONSISTENCY in trashing people for starting frivolous threads and then turning around and bashing somebody who started a tennis-related, relevant thread.

You're not smart.
Because I can be...besides, why are you following me around the boards? Don't you have something else to do? Since you're feeling "yourself" on the stalker thing, go right on ahead. I'm enjoying it...
Whatever.... :rolleyes: So, now you're a part of the "majority" now....Thank you so much for your humble opinion. It's been real, CC....
And neither are you.
And BTW, this thread could go either way, as if you didn't notice.
I'm afraid this thread is not designed to go in a sexual direction and you know that. So don't use that as an excuse. This is a valid question. What exactly is it that you want from people? Relevant threads about tennis? Useless threads about sex? You seem to hate both. So why are you here, as that is all that can be found here.
Seriously, what witty repartee.

I'm not "stalking" you, I just hate retarded whores.
I've been called that-in English and Spanish. And, yes, you are "stalking" me....
Please, Mystik, let's not pretend that her mother will even own up to birthing that.
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