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With the 2019 season officially coming to an end today, I thought it'd be cool to publish this. (Too bad all the nonsense right side of the screen causing the images to shrink) Thanks @NDee for helping with this throughout the course of the season.

Here's a quick recap of what will be done this offseason: Tomorrow, November 25th, the period for voting for suggestions will close. At that point, the board will draft the rule changes into the rulebook. Awards will be released tomorrow and voting will also begin and remain open for around two weeks. At some point this week as well, the 2020 Manager's Thread will be opened. I'm hoping that this new site migration will not hurt our number of managers so it's good that it will be opened early. The board has been discussing ways to organize the schedule to balance the number of commitments in each tournament and limit the number of cancellations throughout the course of the season. On Friday, November 29th, the board will announce the new board members if we feel there are deserving applicants.

Have a fantastic offseason and I hope to see you all back in January where we'll all head to the beautiful and warm Australia for the beginning of the season!




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