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2014 Live Commentary Thread vol. 29

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Probably the last one of the year. Have fun!
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This is huge santoro has to continue otherwise Indian Aces will lose this whole match.
Huge mistake by Aces not to use a PP in the 1st game, they would be leading now. Now medical timeout for Santoro, not looking good for them right now, whatsmore this is very important set for them.
At least he got to three
Crikey! Santoro broke!
Darn - don't give the break back.
Mark finally defeated!
Mark did a Breakpointerer today 0/7
Now watch Monfils throw away Fabrice's effort. Pshaw!
Now La Monf doesn't look so good...
Tsonga :spit:
I was so vex, I chupse and started to play a game. Gael got the break back through playing well or Tsonga gifted it?
6DFs by Monfils so far :lol:

And hes leading by a break now :superlol:
Eh, I really enjoyed this IPTL thing until this Dubai leg...
^well yesterday's Royals vs Mavs match was exciting...
Mavs. :sad: Santoro was also undefeated too right (not counting the sub against Goran and during his time there he won 3 out of the 4 games they played in India)? Sad for Mark to have his streak stopped. I know he probably is fully retired now but maybe just one tournament in the tour even at doubles would be fun. His serve seems to be still on.
Yes, Santoro was (and still is lol) undefeated
1 - 20 of 487 Posts
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