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2013 Wildcards

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updated after Basel

Player_________________ Used	WC #1		WC #2		WC #3[/b]	        

156mphserve____________	2	IW		Shanghai
A_Skywalker____________	3	Madrid		Newport		Bogota
abollo_________________	1	Doha
Adder A216_____________	2	Metz		Shanghai
Anin___________________	1	Halle
Bashak_________________	1	AO
Boomer23_______________	1	AO
bry17may_______________	1	Metz
Cava___________________	1	Barcelona
Cazorla________________	1	IW
Cheeky Chick___________	1	Montpellier
Daniel_amr_____________	2	Wimbledon	Vienna
Deathless Mortal_______	3	Zagreb		Madrid		Halle
Eddy DoubleD___________	2	Queens		Shanghai
ElizaY_________________	1	Madrid
ExcaliburII____________	1	AO
FedExpress89___________	1	Wimbledon
Frooty_Bazooty_________	2	Newport		RC
GeEnO__________________	2	Halle		Valencia
Gnida__________________	1	IW
gulzhan________________	2	Madrid		Halle
Hardbody27_____________	1	Brisbane
Hellcat________________	1	Metz
hugocnamaral___________	3	Dusseldorf	Båstad		Bangkok
Kcuhs__________________	1	Miami
kidbourbon_____________	2	Atlanta		Washington
kondrashov_____________	3	Zagreb		Kuala Lumpur	Basel
leoneo_________________	1	AO
lolada_4_______________	1	RC
Magdalena Ry___________	3	Bangkok		Beijing		Vienna
n3gative_______________	3	Viña del Mar	MC		Madrid
Nightcrawl3r___________	1	Shanghai
Nikigreat______________	1	Casablanca
notrafaelnadal_________	1	Halle
ozfan44________________	1	RC
Palin6o________________	1	WS
Peta Pan_______________	1	Zagreb
Pschhh_________________	1	Miami
rbfilipe_______________	1	USOpen
qczi___________________	2	RC	Metz
Renaud_________________	1	IW
robuś__________________	3	Montpellier	Dusseldorf	Shanghai
SamR03A________________	1	IW
sandg__________________	1	MC
sfar___________________	1	Båstad
Sham Kay_______________	2	Montpellier	Wimbledon
Sheva__________________	2	RC		Cincy
Spain07________________	1	IW
VamsiRohit_____________ 1	RG
vn01___________________	1	Sydney
Yoav___________________	2	Houston		Rosmalen
NB. Players in red have already used all of their WCs for this season.
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Re: 2012 Wildcards

abollo got WC in Doha :wavey:
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WC to vn01 in Sydney.
thank you very much for posting the WCs here even though you are not obliged to do it. This helps me a lot since I always have to go through PAW tournaments' pages to find who got WC.

thank you again :worship:
i don't see why should it be a problem for managers :shrug:
i don't see why should it be a problem for managers :shrug:
Exactly. :)
No, not that it's a problem for them but we have never requested it from them. Yet, I am very grateful for your help.
Wildcard to robuś, Sham Kay and Cheeky Chick in Montpellier. :wavey:
Wild card J99 Houston
Wildcard to Nikigreat in Casablanca. :wavey:
WC for n3gative in Monte Carlo
WC for sandg in Monte Carlo
Wildcard to Cava in Barcelona
Wildcard for n3gative, gulzhan, A_Skywalker, ElizaY and Deathless Mortal in Madrid. :wavey:
Wildcard for robuś in Dusseldorf. :wavey:
Wildcard for hugocnamaral in Dusseldorf. :)
Wildcard for Deathless Mortal, Anin and notrafaelnadal in Halle. :wavey:
Wildcard for GeEnO in Halle. :)
Wildcard for gulzhan in Halle. :wavey:
i have used my 1st wc in RG
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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