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Doesn't she look like this Russian model (Anna Druzyaka)? :scratch:

And if Marat had a relationship with this girl before, is it possible that she's the same girl who was mentioned in this interview? :p

From 2007;

Well do you at least give flowers?

That yes. And without any occasion. Just when I want to do something nice for someone. I give tulips – I think it’s a sign of style. And roses – traditional but very beautiful. I even sent roses to Paris.

To whom?

Doesn’t matter. A Russian girl, worked as a model in Paris… This is my not-so-pleasant past. I made a lot of mistakes, too bad I realized that too late. I wanted to change things one way or another but it didn’t work out. But I sent roses.

What did you do that was so awful?

Maybe nothing special, just acted wrong. Showed no interest, no care, kept “forgetting” to call. She worried. Small things in general that spoilt everything with time. Now I understand that you can’t do that.

Why did you act like that back then?

Wasn’t over “the Spanish affair” yet. Didn’t want to get attached again even though I really liked her. To cut a long story short, couldn’t make up my mind and spoilt everything in the end.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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