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Do you like the idea of a tennis fantasy game, and would you care joining ?

  • Yeah, I do, cause I just love the game called "tennis"

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  • I'm interested, but I have doubts about the format ...

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  • Nope. I love to bet on/follow tennis, but that's as far as my interest in tennis goes

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  • Nope. I think the idea doesn't make sense, cause it's not manageable

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Hye fellow mtf'ers,

This is a tennis game called to live for the guys out there who've always loved to follow/bet on tennis, throughout the years. The game is based on the many variants we got of the so called "Fantasy games", like there are versions for football, cycling etc. Since it' pretty existing following tennis players and their performances throughtout the season, this game looks like an ideal opportunity to make this interest just a little more interesting. The goal is to select a team of 14 players of both the ATP & WTA tour,, who will compete in various tournaments throughout the season, and score points according to their performances. For more info check the Game rules and FAQ pages. The game will start the week of the 25th february, with mixed ATP & WTA tournaments starting in Acapulco and Memphis, while there's a lone ATP tournament in Zagreb, and one in Dubai for the ladies. Be sure to sign up in time !! GL !

I know many guys/girls inhere just love to follow tennis, and besides from the people betting on tennis, we thought people who just love to follow tennis onhere (like there are lots here) might just like this initiative. It's quite the change from the betting aspect of tennis.

The website will be completely airbourne tomorrow evening, therefore signing up isn't possible yet till tomorrow.

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