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2003 Standings

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After week 2, Sydney/Auckland

POS - PLAYER - POINTS - ACCOUNT BALANCE (Sticky players value detucted already)
1------Jakub-------134-----€ 11.301
2------Martin-------123-----€ 11.347
3------Vera---------114-----€ 9.490
4------Dissident----94------€ 11.197
5------Layla---------89------€ 9.433
6------TennisHack--81-----€ 9.411
--------Dr. Peedy---81------€ 11.085
8------Niminator----71-----€ 9.210
--------Rebecca-----71------€ 11.081
--------Lee 7----------1------€ 11.090
11-----Leo7---------24------€ 9.260
12-----Madten-------3------€ 10.910
13-----Aura of Moya-1-----€ 10.910
--------Laury----------1-----€ 10.225
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Ay caramba! No more 3rd place for me. :( ;) Congrats to everyone, especially the top 3, Jakub, Martin (no surprise there ;) ) and Vera (great start!
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Dissident said:
After week 2, Sydney/Auckland

--------Lee 7----------1------€ 11.090
Does it mean I have $11090 to buy players for week 3&4?
Re: Re: 2003 Standings

Lee said:
Does it mean I have $11090 to buy players for week 3&4?
Yup! :D
Of, course, 11090 not counting Guga, who is already in there. ;)
Whoa :eek: Not an exceptionally good start for me, and with the most unpredictable tourney coming up . . . :eek::eek::eek:
TennisHack said:
Whoa :eek: Not an exceptionally good start for me, and with the most unpredictable tourney coming up . . . :eek::eek::eek:
LOL, I tied with you and I was just about to post that I was extremely thrilled to have ended up as high as I did! :eek: Me = Newbie! :p ;) LOL! :D
LOL DP! I'm spoiled, I started last year's game in second place :eek: and I believe I ended in third or fourth, I can't remember. But last week's team was rushed out because I forgot :eek: so hopefully I'll (and you'll, partner :D) do better after the Open.
Well, last year we had less competitors... So a third or fourth place name is more difficult to get.
Jakub and Vera will have to let us do it. ;)
Wont mention Mr Llama, coz he keeps on having millions of dollars going to his team players pockets... :eek: :p
so when are we going to pick our teams for Aussie Open??
After weeks 03-04, Australian Open

POS - Player --- Points ------ Budget (Sticky player value already cut off)
1. Layla------------574-------€ 11.313
2. Rebecca--------488--------€ 12.531
3. Laury------------481-------€ 11.735
4. Dissident-------446--------€ 12.702
5. Martin-----------425-------€ 12.782
6. Niminator-------421-------€ 10.595
7. Vera--------------394------€ 9.535
8. TennisHack------391------€ 9.616
9. Jakub-------------356------€ 12.116
10. aura of moya--306------€ 11.670
11. Lee--------------293------€ 12.035
12. Dr. Peedy------288-------€ 11.540
13. Leo7-------------74--------€ 9.260
14. Madten----------33--------€ 10.910
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:eek: You GO, Layla! :bounce:

:eek: at myself. Damn my standards :mad:
I'm number one?! :eek::eek::eek: Did Mr. Llama not play this week? :confused:

I'm really in shock. I better enjoy it while it lasts. :)

But you slipped to 8 TH. :( Still, principles are admirable. I'm usually very principled, but I don't have any when it comes to this game. :eek:
Congrat Layla! ;)

Wow! I am at 11 :( . And I will likely to miss many weeks including FO and Wimbly. May be I should claim the last spot right now.
Mr Llama played, yes, but he was punished for buying the Potato. :p
Congrats Layla!! :D

And wait Lee. The rankings are really floatable in the beggining. Being 11 means nothing. ;)
Do I have enough place to participate in this game or shall I say am I still allow to join on this small-piece of online game??? ;) ;) ;)

:bounce: :wavey: :bounce:
Please show me the standings after last week, garoto!!
Bad news, boys and girls. :sad:
There was a major storm here last tuesday, and an energy generator (or however you call those black boxes on headlights on the streets) went KABOOM! And my computer was ON, so it seems like my HD is gone for good. :mad:

Now, I cant access the game chart and I'm pretty much fucked up.
I won't be able to run the game for the next couple of weeks, untill I can get my computer to work again.
Ill see you all whenever I can come back.
Sorry for the inconvenience. :(

If I cant get my chart back, we will cancel last week, as if it never happened, and will restart the game from the last standings I posted here.
I REALLY hope this is not the case, though, coz losing the chart would mean that I lost ALL my files, including several university drawings and designs I would DIE if I lost. :sad:
Well, this is life, right? :(

See ya all soon! I hope.
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HItman - is the chart, the same thing that you sent me? But I couldn't use it because I don't have the softwear?

Because I still have what you sent me...
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