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Qualifying- 30 July- 1 august 2002
Final Round - 4-6 August in Verona, Italy

Qual. matches are played in zones:

Zone A is in Marianske Lazni, Czech Rep (I'm there now :bounce: )
Teams that play there: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Rep, Croatia, Great Britain, Spain and Turkey

Zone B is in La Rochell, France
Teams: Andorra, France, Greece, Israel,Italy, Portugal, Sweden

Zone C in Togliatti, Russia
Teams: Cyprus, Denmark, Moldova, Poland, RUSSIA, Slovenia and Yugoslavia.

Zone D in Piestany, Slovak Rep.
Teams: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Slovak Republic.

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As I've mentioned in my previous post I'm in Marianske Lazne and I got to see almost all matches today. Here are the results and some comments :)

Czech Rep beat Turkey 3-0

That wasn't a very hard match for the Czechs. Both their n1 (Tomas Berdych, ITF no 15) and no 2 player (Daniel Lustig ITF 68) won their matches 0 and 0 :eek: and the doubles match was in straight sets.

Spain beat Bulgaria 2-1

In the first match the Spanish no2 (Daniel Gimeno ) beat the Bulgarian no2 (I might make a mistake with the name as I've never seen or heard of these two players before I just have a list with the names) .
The second match surprised me a lot, Nicolas Almagro who is around 250 in the ITF ranking beat Yordan Kanev :eek: who was definetely a favourite 6-2 6-2, Kanev couldn't find his game at all, got really mad, recieved a warning, the Spaniard played very well though, putting every ball right on the line, his game was a bit similar to Guilllermo Canas.
The Bulgarians won the doubles match easily though and Kanev played well too.

Croatia- Austria 1-1 (the doubles match started about 15 minutes ago, I left)

The first match wasn't a very interesting one, the Croatian won it in straight sets, he played well and was in full control.
The second one was completely different. The Austrian no1 Patrick Wolfler won it eventually 6-4 in the third set but it was a real battle :).
I didn't watch the doubles match, I'll post the result tomorrow.

Great Britain didn't play today, they got a bye guess. They have a strong team- Alex Bogdanovic and David Brewer as no1 and no2.

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Well, I'm on holiday here with my parents , playing golf and tennis while they are drinking the Spa water. I expected that one of the zone tourneys will be held here as I was here two years ago as well but I didn't expect to see such a good field.

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Czech Rep beat Austria 2-1
The Austrians beat the Croats yesterday in the evening.
I didn't go to see that match, I just know that the Czechs won both singles matches and then lost the doubles, but it didn't mean much to them anyway. They are through to the finals.

Bulgaria beat Croatia 2-1
In the first match Ivan Marinkov ( :drool: ) lost to Mslav Hizak 4-6 4-6. It was a quite even match but the Croat played very well when it mattered.
In the second match Yordan Kanev beat Tomislav Hadzic quite comfortably, it looked as if they were warming up the whole match, played calmly and slowly :).
The doubles went easily to the Bulgarians and now they will play Turkey.

And now the match I spend most of my time on:
Great Britain vs Spain

In the first match David Brewer played the Spanish no2. I missed the first set as the match was supposed to start at 14.00 but for some reason it started at 13.00 :flamey:. Well anyway the spaniard won the first set 6-3 but Brewer was in full control in the secong and won it 6-0. Alex Bogdanovic and another English man (probably Brewer's coach) were cheering very loudly for him, the Spaniards were even louder... The Spanish player (I can't remember his name, I'll check tomorrow) took a 5-3 lead and had two matchpoints on Brewers serve but the Britain held, he later broke and made it 6-all. But the Spanish player was better in the end and won the match 8-6 in the third. By that time I think the Czechs finished boith of their matches :)
Next up was Alex Bogdanovic vs Nicolas Almagro. I've heard of Alex many times before (thanks to Marie) but the Spaniard really impressed me, he's only 342 in the world (ITF) but that's just probaly because he doesn't play many ITF tournaments because he's really really good.
Well anyway Nicolas (or Nico as all his teammates call him, who beat Kanev yesterday ) won the first set 6-3 (he started very well, quickly took a 3-0 lead). It then started raining pretty hard , the play wasn't suspended, the Spanish coach insisted on playing on, it didn't help Alex won the set 6-2. At 3-3 the play was finally suspended, when they came out again Nicolas Almagro was stronger. He won the match 6-3 2-6 6-4.

Now a bit about these two players:
Alex Bogdanovic was good. He is a left-hander, had a great serve, good groundstrokes. He didn't go to the net often but when he did he won most points. I liked his attitude on court too, no arguing with the umpire, didn't throw the racquet, was very calm etc..
Nicolas Almagro has a very aggressive game, is extremely good at the baseline, is fast and sharp. Yesterday I said that his game was similar to Canas but I changed my mind today- I'd say he's more interesting, he's on the attack more often...

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The Final:
Czech Rep vs Spain (but I guess both teams have already qualified)

The Match for the 3rd Place:
Great Britain vs Austria (Go GBR :bounce: )

The Match for the 5th Place
Turkey vs Bulgaria

Croatia are 7th

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thanx Nina :) have fun there :) lucky u ;)

only the top two get a chance to play in Miami
there are 4 zonal groups, top 2 make it for next week

from those 8 teams, the top 6 make Miami in December

so GB missed out on next week
wonder how we did ??

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It was the last day of the tournament today :sad:
As I'm writing this two players from the Czech team who played today walk into the Internet Cafe where I'm sitting (that is btw not very close to the stadium so seeing them is quite a surprise :D). I congratulate them on a good match, as you've probably guessed:
The Final:
Czech Republic beat Spain 2-0
In the first match the Czech no3 beat the Spanish guy who played in their first match against Bulgaria very easily 6-2 6-1 if I'm not mistaken.
In the second match Tomas Berdych beat Nicolas Almagro. In the first set Almagro led 2-0 but then immediately got broken, the Czech then started winning and was up 4-2, Almagro didn't stop fighting and even had a few setpoints but the set still went to Tomas Berdych 7-5. The Czech then won the second set 6-1.

Great Britain beat Austria 2-0
First up were Ross Hutchins (who I though before was one of the coaches as he looks much older than the other guys) against the Austrian no 3. Hutchins won comfortably 6-1 6-1.
The next match was Alex Bogdanovic vs Bernhard Deussner. Alex won the first two games and it loked as if this match will not last very long, but then the Austrian took four games in a row 4-2. Deussner reminded me a bit of Roddick, not only because he had a similar face, wore the same clothes and had a cap on backwards but also in the style of his game. Now back to the match : Alex then took four games in a row and the set 6-4 :).
In the second Bogdanovic lost the first game on his serve but then broke back and was never behind again, he won the second set 6-3. He looked extremely happy after his win, he raised his hands up in the air and threw the ball to another court (like many pro players do after really importaint wins) he then hung up his racquet on the fence :).
I saw him later talking to a player from Croatia in croatian/serb

The match for the fifth place:
Bulgaria beat Turkey 2-0
The most interesting part of the first match was watching Yordan Kanev at the captians seat I guess they decided the were strong enough for him not to play, he was laughing so hard he could barely sit. He then started taking pictures of the Bulgarian player during the rallies :D, then he was feeding him a banana rather rudely :eek: . The players didn't play very well though, the Bulgarian won 4 and 4.
The second match was between Ivan Marinkov (who was also laughing extremely hard during the first match) against the Turkish no 1. The Turkish player won the first set 6-3 and was serving for the match, had a few matchpointsbut got broken and lost the second set on a tie-break. In the third the Bulgarian player was stronger, he won it 6-3
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