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’Twas the night before Melbourne
When all through the grounds,
Not a player was hitting
Not volleys or forehands

The racquets all strung
By the lockers with care,
So tight that surely
Wilson balls haven’t a prayer

And the pros were just nestled
All safe in their hotels,
While visions of trophies
In their dreams did dwell

And Rafa with his uncle
And Serena watching HSN,
Were all settled down
For a relaxing night in

When out on the court
There arose such a clatter,
Ana woke up her boyfriend golfer
To see what was the matter

Away to Rod Laver Arena
She flew in her Adidas dress,
Up all of the stairs
While panting from the stress

When what
To her startled ears
Should appear,
But Maria and Vika
Grunting and shrieking all queer

And just a few yards over
So lively and quick
Were Novak and Kim
Practicing their splits

More rapid than Rafa
The players they came
And Ana whistled
And shouted
And called
Them by name

Now Dimitrov
Now Delpo
Now Petra
Now Venus
On Caroline
On Kaia
On Roger
An Berdych

To the top
Of the stadium
To the top
Of the scoreboard
Now serve-away
Serve-away all

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the tears are running, who knew MTF was the spawn of great composers and song writers..... :sad: :sad: :worship: :worship:

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Beautiful :sad:
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