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    I think Dimitrov will have a decent respectable Gasquet-like career. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, I expect great things for Nishikori and Raonic this year. I think people will have to get used to seeing them in finals more often. I wouldn't be surprised if both are in the final in...
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    Here is a long list of players born in 1990 or later - i.e. being 26yo or younger,- who has won at least an ATP-500: Raonic (26): 1 ATP-500. Dimitrov (25): 1 ATP-500. Thiem (23): 2 ATP-500. Kyrgios (21): 1 ATP-500. Discuss.
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    I am extremely disappointed in the young male tennis players born 1990 to 1993. What is going on with these guys? I do see some movement in the rankings. Raonic, Goffin, Tomic and Thiem are all top 20. Jack Sock is top 30 along with Dimitrov and Vasek pospisil is number 39 in the world. Jiri...
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    Given the showcasing of the rapidly rising teen stars we've had over the last couple of weeks, I thought it might be salutary to provide a few quick comparisons of the 1995-97 group compared to the 1991-94ers. Some have argued that the older group have been blocked to a greater degree by the...
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    I saw a similar thread on the Woman Forum and thought it be good idea for the Men to have one as well. I think it will be good idea to keep track of some of the most promising upcoming players on ATP Tour & their top 10 wins. Note I starting with player born from 95/96-onward. So far only Nick...
1-5 of 5 Results