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    Djokovic has a lot of things going for him to finish number one at the end of 2021 and to hold the no 1 ranking for most if not all of 2021. Obviously, he has to play well and continue gathering points, but his advantages are these: 1. He currently has a 2180 ATP point advantage over Nadal...
  2. General Messages
    I am not sure about the updated ranking system. But I read on twitter that ATP silently announced that the ranking system would carry over points until March 8, 2021. It means Djokovic should be able to hold on to all the points from Paris Bercy, ATP Cup, Australian Open and Dubai championship...
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    I was wondering with Thiem probably winning the US Open since Novak got kicked out and having only reached R1 last year (should then jump from currently 7k points to around 9k points), and the remaining tournaments that probably most players will play the upcoming few months being Rome/Madrid...
1-3 of 3 Results