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    A massive opportunity for Murray to collect his 13th MS1000 title and add more jewels to his already career-best season. For RBA, the only advice for him is to have a free swing and see what happens. He has nothing to lose in his first MS1000 final.
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    With this kind of body language and approach, Novak will lose easily from RBA.
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    First masters final for Cilic. My prediction is Murray in 3.
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    Murray's basically sleepwalked through to the SF, but he won't get away with that in this match, I would make Raonic the slight favourite here, he'll never have a better chance to beat Murray. Hopefully Murray wins but I have a bad feeling about this.
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    Dimitrov to get revenge on Cilic for that Olympics debacle, or is Cilic going to make a next first step forwards into his first Masters final? :tape:
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    Kei in 2
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    Murray in 4.
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    Murray in 3 sets where he should of lost.
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    :surprise:, may the best player win :wink2:
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    Stan is yet to beat a top-10 player this season, Kei is 0-16 against top-5 after USO-2014.
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    First final for Murray without Djokovic or Federer. He's being heavy favourte, he will have crowd behind him. No excuses if he'll lose this.
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    Interesting Battle. Lick the lips for the McEnRaonic vs Resurrecterer. :worship: @MWW Thanks.
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    The best QF on paper.
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    First clay match between the only 2 players who ever beat all active Roland Garros champions (Nadal, Federer & Wawrinka) on clay.
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    WWW RG SF: [2] Murray vs. [3] Wawrinka? Fun fact: Wawrinka won last 10 tournaments on hard&clay where he made SF and played in this SF neither Djokovic nor Federer.
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    Muzza in 4
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    Cilic hasn´t played since Miami so this is a good chance for Ernesto to go far. Heart says Gulbis in 2, head says Gulbis in 2, too.
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    WWW? Rome Final: Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic Here is a preview of tomorrow's trophy ceremony, courtesy of my local fortune teller.