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    I've already criticised the BBC on here because while the WTF / YEC / whatever it's now called was on at the O2 in London they were saying how wonderful and important it was (they were showing the afternoon singles, and the final, at the time), but since it's moved to Turin there's been no...
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    Leading into RG, the top players in the race have around 3500 pts (Nadal, Alcaraz, Tsitsipas) and no one is really dominating the year. With Medvedev and Djokovic coming back onto the tour, who do you all think will have the best rest of the season and get the Year end number 1. IMO, less than...
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    Okay, we've used up both alternates already. What happens if another player withdraws from the competition?! There aren't any more spares, are there? How many players are left who actually have the option of playing enough matches to win through to the semis? It's getting to be a bit of a...
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    Gonna be a good match, Daniil has the game to complicate Djokovic
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    H2H: 26-22 Djoković Hard H2H: 19-17 Djoković Indoor H2H: 6-4 Djoković Last indoor match: Paris-Bercy 2018 SF: Djoković 7–6 (6) 5–7 7–6 (3)
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    H2H: 6-3 Djoković H2H in hard: 3-0 Djokovic H2H in indoor: 1-0 Djokovic Last match in indoor: Djoković 6-7 (10) 6-0 6-2
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    I know the World Tour Finals in the last 2 years have been a head banging experience for some in terms of the quality of matches, with more than a few utter routs and no-shows. Hopefully we'll get some nice drama and game this year. Which matches in RR do you expect to be the best quality/drama...
1-7 of 7 Results