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    Anyone been watching Wimbledon's "Greatest Championships" (or the BBC's Rewind, if you're in the UK)? Enjoying the trip down memory lane? Any thoughts? A few of mine, totally at random: Wish the BBC weren't limiting themselves to finals: there were an equal number of classic matches...
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    I thought the idea was that the BBC was going to show us classic matches during what should have been the Wimbledon fortnight, but apparently not. They're in a convenient 3-hour afternoon slot on BBC2, so the conclusion is that they're all going to be edited down to fit. Disappointing :( I...
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    Great match incoming, I would say Novak in 4
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    WWW? Wimbledon R3: Tsonga - Nadal Maybe five years ago this was a very close match, but I don't really expect something special from Tsonga
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    I expect Hurkacz to make this a bit exciting the first two sets, but NIDak in 3
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    The Australian Open's cement heat is all but forgotten, the Roland Garros clay has Gone With The Wind, and it is now almost time for the biggest event of every Tennis Season. The Championships, Wimbledon! Nothing in tennis compares to the freshly mowed lawns of the surface of Kings. No...
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    Which of those two Wimbledon finals did Federer & Nadal play better in: 2007 or 2008? Now that's a better question, is it? Forgot to add a poll, jeez.
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    Roddick pushed the match to 14-16 in the fifth, but he choked the 2nd set tiebreak and played a bad game to get broken in the end. Berdych lost in straights, but Nadal was too good for him anyway, so not like he had any chance. I will not be replying here, so feel free to express your opinion...
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    ... that Roger had won the QF? After the first 3 games of the first SF took 19 minutes? After set 1, 2, 3 ...? Once you realised it was really going to screw up Novak/Rafa's chances? When you'd spent all that money on a Centre Court ticket and realised you'd have to leave before N/R even...
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    I think that roger federer has make the best shot ever in Wim 2018 in his 2R Vs Lacko .. Roger is very Genius in making Drop Shots .. I think that u agree with me See the shot :
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    H2H 1-1, last win by Ramos in RG 16 I say Botnic in 4
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    It has something divine about it Quite a beautiful return/winner. Quite a beautiful return/depth. Quite a beautiful return/winner. Quite a beautiful return/depth/winner. Bonus, a minibreak for GOATovic Beautiful, glorious sights. (: