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    How many tweeners and underarm serves are we going to see here? Big chance for both of them to target the Wimbledon SF. No-one is unbeatable in that part of the draw.
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    After Berrettini's forfait and Hubi' s early elimination, who can prevent him from reaching the final and his 3rd slam this year? Uncle Tony? No, I don't think so. Congratulations to Nadal.
  3. Wimbledon
    Suicide Tennis! 2022 Wimbledon SW19, London, Great Britain How does Suicide Tennis work? 1. Each day of play you must pick 1 winner playing an ATP main draw singles match. Of course, the player that you choose is playing one match scheduled to be played that day (as seen on the order of...
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    Marca just published that Nadal had a private training session today on the grass courts of the Santa Ponsa Tennis Academy, where the Mallorca Championship will be played at next week. Although they do say that he...
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    I have the feeling that he is going to take a break no matter what it his final result in the French Open, he is definitely not at his 100% and I find uncertain his participation at Wimbledon.
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    How did Novak Djokovic lift his sixth Wimbledon title? I've analysed his tough semifinal against Denis Shapovalov and his entertaining finale against Matteo Berrettini to provide some answers ???
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    Draper, an almost retired Anderson, Kudla, Garin, Fucsovics, Kachanov or Shapo (with whom he leads respectively 4-1 and 6-0) and a 40yr Federer maybe? What's wrong with this Wimbledon? It looks like the Prostejov challenger.
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    Surprised there is no thread about this match. It would be a routine match for Federer most of the time… but you never know with the actual Federer, still Federer in 3 tight sets.
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    Fed said in his presser that he won't make the same mistake as in Halle against FAA. He says he's pumped and ready for Wimbledon. Also talked a bit about Olympics and whether he'll participate or not (he'll decide after Wimbledon). Full presser below:
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    Anyone been watching Wimbledon's "Greatest Championships" (or the BBC's Rewind, if you're in the UK)? Enjoying the trip down memory lane? Any thoughts? A few of mine, totally at random: Wish the BBC weren't limiting themselves to finals: there were an equal number of classic matches...
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    I thought the idea was that the BBC was going to show us classic matches during what should have been the Wimbledon fortnight, but apparently not. They're in a convenient 3-hour afternoon slot on BBC2, so the conclusion is that they're all going to be edited down to fit. Disappointing :( I...
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    Great match incoming, I would say Novak in 4
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    WWW? Wimbledon R3: Tsonga - Nadal Maybe five years ago this was a very close match, but I don't really expect something special from Tsonga
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    I expect Hurkacz to make this a bit exciting the first two sets, but NIDak in 3
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    The Australian Open's cement heat is all but forgotten, the Roland Garros clay has Gone With The Wind, and it is now almost time for the biggest event of every Tennis Season. The Championships, Wimbledon! Nothing in tennis compares to the freshly mowed lawns of the surface of Kings. No...
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    Which of those two Wimbledon finals did Federer & Nadal play better in: 2007 or 2008? Now that's a better question, is it? Forgot to add a poll, jeez.
1-17 of 29 Results