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where are las chicas

  1. MTF Tennis Elbow Fall Masters - Congrats c1t1zen_insane

    MTF Tennis Elbow Archive
    ACC's over... ... so let's crown our Fall champ here :worship: Warning: Don't mistake that one here with Popcon, no campaign is needed here. First of all some basic rules: 1. First and most important rule is that everyone can join! 2. After the deadline a random draw will be made. You...
  2. BSG#56 Un-Nominated Artists || Winner: Droog with "The Witch" by Mark Fry

    BSG Archive
    (an Original idea by sfar.) How to play? Phase I: Send me a song via PM (preferably a YouTube link) before the deadline specified in the thread's title. When this phase ends, the list of songs will be posted, without revealing which song was selected by whom. Phase II: Vote for your...